Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nothing but the Grace of God

Okay - No real news on the vote.... It didn't happen today - It may happen tomorrow - It may be pushed until January....

So what do we do??  Do we worry - do we panic - do we pull our hair out?  Do we decide that it is too stressful a time to commit to a child??  Do we throw in the towel on the child for whom we have committed? 

We do none of the above.  We pray.  We continue to commit.  We continue to step out in faith.  We continue to yell and holler and advocate for the children in that country.  We continue to cover the families who are over there now or are getting ready to go - we continue to cover them in prayer.   We take one single day at a time.  NOTHING in this life is guaranteed.  Nothing but the Grace of God. 

Having more time to pray is an amazing thing.  My dear British friend, Lu, wrote this morning on her blog that this vote is creating a golden opportunity for the church to get on its knees and pray for Aaron's former country.   Truth from the UK!!

I tend to be fairly small minded, looking only on the here and now - focusing my prayers on the specific need at the specific time.  When things don't go exactly as I thought they should, I despair, assuming that all my efforts were in vain.  But God has shown me in the last few months, especially in the last week, that He doesn't operate in my little small-minded sphere.  I've been shown in a most delightful way that His design is far greater and much more magnificent than I could ever imagine.  I plan on sharing soon the richness of God's work planned out long before we came on the scene for our Lost Boys.  It has been a reminder to me that His love for the orphan, the helpless, the ones without a voice is a love that is much deeper and far greater than mine.  My love is fleeting and emotional - He loves them, He loves us, with an Everlasting love that changes not with the passing of time.  

So we take heart, praying with an understanding that our prayers are going to be answered in ways that go far beyond what we can ever ask or imagine.  And at the end of the day, when this time has passed, we will laugh with delight at the Marvelous works of the Lord on High!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!


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