Thursday, December 23, 2010

Perfect Gift Reminder... COME ON!!


This is just a friendly reminder to all those who are participating in THE PERFECT GIFT that CHRISTMAS IS IN TWO DAYS!!

It is the EASIEST Christmas present you could give your kids!  Your husband will smile when he gets the envelope (okay - he may roll his eyes if you are one of those who is trying with ALL your might to convince him to rescue one of those babies). 

If you don't remember what to do...

Take a simple envelope - put a bit of money inside - close it but don't seal it up. 

On the outside write:  Reece's Rainbow, PO Box 4024, Gaithersburg, MD 20885

Put a stamp on the envelope

Put it in a loved ones stocking. 

On Christmas day - let your loved one pick any child off the ANGEL TREE


Write that child's name down on a piece of paper and put it inside the envelope.

Take some time to pray and consider that child and all the others who are helpless, voiceless and desperately in need of a family.

Seal the envelope.

Mail it.  Make sure it is mailed in time to arrive by New Year's Eve.

Please consider participating.  There are 157 Angel Tree babies with Down Syndrome who desperately need homes.  I just honestly can't imagine many of these children transferred to a facility like Aaron's. 


 The waiting list in the US for families to adopt a child with Down Syndrome is extremely long.  Why?  In our country, 90% of the children with Down Syndrome are aborted.  Aborted.  Thrown away.  In Eastern European and Asian countries they are abandoned.  Wrong on both sides of the ocean.  How God's heart grieves at what man does to man.  It is plain and simple why we need the Lord.  We need a Savior to redeem us from our broken and sinful ways.  We need heart changes.  We need to see with His eyes.  We need to fall to our knees in shame and horror. 

The sad fact:  Many of the families on the waiting list in the US would gladly adopt one of those abandoned Down Syndrome babies from Eastern Europe.  But the cost is too great.  Putting a bit of money in a waiting child's fund increases their chances that the money barrier will be lifted.    

Just this week a little one who was listed on Reece's Rainbow died.  He was truly one of the 'least of these.'  A precious little boy who needed surgery but was denied because he was special needs.  There are so many more like him.  Dear little Ivan.  

It is life and death for so many of these children.  Please consider giving your children, your husband or wife, your nieces or nephews, your loved ones an envelope.  Just put in a bit of money in it and spend a few minutes, just a few, on Christmas Day, considering these little ones who desperately need us to be their voice.


  1. Oh no, how sad. Oh if others would just get it. Adoption is so worth it. Hugs

  2. Excellent idea, I'll be sharing this post.

  3. we did this!!!! It was AWESOME!!! Thank you for such a wonderful idea. Our family went to the computer first thing and we are mailing our white envelopes today!


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