Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Merry

They LOVE doing cookies.

Every year when I start to feel like our plate is too full and we just can't again this year....

They go into full protest mode...

We HAVE to do the cookies!!

So every day this week we are doing a different type of cookie..

Their favorite every year...

...the 'decorator' cookies....

Aaron's masterpiece on the left!!


Monitoring Papa's decorating skills....

Sweet boy....

I am so beyond blessed!!


  1. Well, I WAS going to say that if I had four guys here to do cookies, I would still be doing them, too ... but then I remembered a time, years ago, when one Michael Tierney and one David Sowards decided to make cookies. At my house. (I am assuming you remember them from Gideon's Band.) Michael greased a pan with butter, of which he had WAAAAAY too much on his fingers, so he tried to shake off the excess into the sink. Of course he missed, and I had a grease spot on the wall for almost 20 years afterward. Then David decided to be original with the decorations. We had one with a bouillon cube on top, and another with a bit of Brillo. (Don't worry; it was a new one, not a used one.) There were others, but those two were the ones that stuck in my mind (and on the cookies). Once they were baked, David wasn't sure about the Brillo, so he dared Michael to eat it. And of course he did. I have made cookies since then, but never with the joy and enthusiasm of the years preceding that venture ... But yours look yummy, especially the one Aaron decorated. Have a blessed Christmas, Nalle family! Love you.


  2. awww, cookie time!! yay! I wish I was there making them!

  3. I like Aaron's "stickers" on his shirt! Funny boy!


  4. Awesome that Aaron was able to take part in the decorating this year!! I'm 41, but still love when my mom brings Christmas cut-out cookies for my family to help decorate at Christmas ...

  5. This is one of the best memories I have of growing up is cookie making and decorating at Christmas! Glad your boys love it!

  6. You are indeed! What fun! Such precious memories! Such great big brothers, not feeling like they are too old to join in the fun. They are clever :-)


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