Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Perfect Gift 2011

Last year at Christmas I had a crazy idea....

One of those wacky brainstorms that hit me in the middle of the night...

I challenged people to take part in the "Perfect Gift".

It involved putting small amounts of money in envelopes and giving it to people so they could pick a child off the Angel Tree and place that money in their grant accounts.

Close to $2,000.00 was placed in stockings across the country.

Because it worked so well..... It actually became OFFICIALLY a part of Reece's Rainbow this year.


Last year I placed money in each of our stockings.

Dad, Rob, Ben, Elijah, Aaron and I all had an envelope.

Dad picked a little one whom he considered to be the 'least of the least'.  Her RR name was Zara.

He had me print her picture off the website and he lovingly carried it over to his house.

He put her picture next to his Bible and each day he would pray.  He prayed for Zara.

In September he got to hold the answer to his prayers.

His little Angel Tree pick is going to be ripping into presents under a Christmas Tree this year.

She is loved, wanted, cherished.

I'm wondering who he is going to pick this year.

I'm wondering what tale I will get to tell next year.

Because we are doing it again.

SHHHH... Don't tell but I have already put our Angel Tree Dollars into the Stockings!!

Want to participate??

You run around trying to find those perfect Christmas gifts for your kids, your grandkids, your husband, your wife, your niece or nephew.  What to get.  What to get.  You look in catalogues, browse the aisle in the stores.  Wonder. Wonder.  Think. Think.  Finally you figure out what they would like, what they need, what would be fun... buy them - wrap them up.  Place them under the tree.  You smile.  You can't wait for Christmas day.


But something is missing.  You just know it.  Something is missing that you should be giving them.  What??  They need an envelope.  An envelope in their Christmas stocking.  It could be red.  It could be green.  It could be a boring old white envelope.

Inside the envelope - some ANGEL TREE money.  Maybe a 1 or a 5, or a 10, or even a 20.  Maybe a 100.  Whatever.  A  bit of ANGEL TREE money in an envelope.  What's it for?  This Perfect Christmas Gift? What is that little bit of money for....


It is a chance on Christmas Day to stop - go to the computer - let your child, or grandchild, or niece or nephew, maybe your husband or wife, how about a neighbor or a friend - let them take their ANGEL TREE money - go to the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree and let them pick a child - any child - or two - or three - and put that money in that child's account.

You already sponsor a child??  That's okay.  Pick another child.  The more the merrier.  This is their Christmas gift pick.  It is EASY.  A five minute gift.  But priceless.  Then - for just a few minutes, stop and pray.  As a family.  Pray for that child.  Those children.  Consider them.  Consider their world, their circumstance.  Pray that a family would come soon.  And... Maybe - maybe - maybe - it could be your family.  Maybe.


What a gift.  What a Perfect Christmas.  For just a few minutes - in the midst of the hustle and bustle of presents and festivities ON CHRISTMAS DAY - to let your children, your family, your friends - to let them be reminded of the Lonely - the Lost - the Fatherless.  To let them - for a moment have their hearts broken for the 'Least of These.'  1, 5, 10, 20, 100 dollars.  Just a bit of money.  But what a priceless gift.


And Maybe - just maybe - that little child or children that they picked will, next Christmas, be getting a bit of money in their own Christmas stocking.  So that they too can pick a child.... and pray...


Do it.  Give the Perfect Gift..

Come on.  Do it!!  It costs little and yet it means so much!  



  1. That is awesome! I already printed AT dollars to put in the kids' stockings. I love that idea!

  2. My daughter is in love with a little one on RR who is not on the Angel Tree - but I'm going to take this idea and twist it just enough so she can pick any child. . . because I know what little guy she'll choose, and she'll be thrilled!

  3. Thanks for the great idea, Julia! We did this last year, and it was so special seeing our kids pore through the site trying to decide who they wanted to give to. And now several of those children are home as well. What a blessing, not just to the kids, but to us when we seeing God working. I love my kids seeing that first hand! Your Aaron was the first one we fell in love with two Christmases ago on Reece's Rainbow. We prayed fervently for that sweet boy, and what a delight to see him flourish and grow through the posts you share.

  4. We'll be doing it again this year too Julia! YAY for all you do!

  5. Great idea!!!! I couldn't figure out what to get my younger brother that he could carry back to the East Coast in his suitcase. This is the best idea. Thanks Julia :)

  6. Hi Julia
    I loved this idea when you posted it last year... I was in Ukraine at that time and had already ordered Angel Tree ornaments as gifts for my family but tucked your idea away in the back of my mind. I have already printed off angel tree dollars for everyone in my family this year and hope that this will become a long held tradition... Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  7. So funny you blogged this today. I was just going to send you a message thanking you for listening and following through with this great whisper of an idea!
    We LOVE the angel tree dollars and gave them not only to our kids as stocking stuffers (shhh) but also to the kids teachers. All the teachers cried and said it was the BEST gift ever to help rescue a child. Well done!

  8. Thank you! I hadn't even thought of doing this, but I will now. :)

  9. Julia,
    We gave them to all our kids' teachers, friends and families in their Christmas cards this year to spread awareness for RR. I'm hoping if just a few add dollars of their own and start following RR, the ripple effect could be great!

  10. I did this for my son's special ed teacher and his general ed teacher - the speech therapist too! It's wasn't much - $5 - but just the chance for them to see the site and the organization and the children, that is worth more than $5 right there!

  11. So happy to tell you that I did this for my 4 adult kids this Christmas. The idea was planted in my mind by YOU last Christmas, and I was fortunate to find the angel tree dollars right at the Reece's Rainbow site a few weeks ago. By far, it is the gift I am most excited about giving this year. Can not wait to see my kids' faces and watch them choose their angel. Thanks for the incredible idea. . .and for all you do.

  12. I can't wait to share pictures of "Zara" (now Lily) enjoying her first Christmas with our family! We are beyond excited and so thankful for your Dad's prayers.

  13. I love this! Thanks so much for the inspired idea! We are so doing this, and I'm gonna share the idea on FB, too!

  14. Oh how I wish I had read this prior to Gracie's class going on break! I have always given teacher gifts that are from adoption fundraiser, until this year as you know no time to shop with Bryson this year. This would have been perfect!!!! Oh well, my kids and family will be getting Angel Tree Dollars and I can't wait to go watch each of them give the gift of life!!!

    Great idea!!

    Merry Christmas!!!


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