Saturday, December 10, 2011

We Interrupt

I'm interrupting this blog to tell you that...

Last night I cried.

I sat with camera in hand and watched our little fugitive from across the ocean standing on a stage and performing his little heart out.

And I cried.

He wasn't in tune.  He wasn't always singing the same words that the other children were singing.  He didn't get his cues.  He couldn't do the hand motions.  Most of the time he was only able to repeat what they had just said or sang.  My still learning English little fugitive in his red shirt that Mama bought for him just so he could go on that stage was performing in his first Christmas chorus and drama production.  

The Joy.  

The utter Joy and Pride on his face.

My son was SO HAPPY to be on that stage.

And I could barely contain my laughter and my tears.  

My heart was full as I sat there watching My Son.

My Son.

There are just no words.


$5905.00 has been donated for our Passed Over Babes.

Arina has now jumped the $600.00 wall.  Yegor, Paul and Nikita are still chugging along.  Spencer and Meredith are within $100.00 of jumping the $1,000.00 wall.... Whose going to jump today??

Please keep spreading the word.  I KNOW that some of these children are now being considered for adoption.  God is at work.  He is moving in hearts.  I've been getting e-mails asking for prayers as families are CONSIDERING... PRAYING.. Asking the Lord to grant them wisdom and courage.    Our Passed Over Babes are being noticed.


Please don't be weary in your gifts.  It is those gifts that are allowing some of the families to consider whether or not one of these babes is their son or daughter.  

We have three more days in our Passed Over Babes Giveaway.  Three more days to holler and yell for 13...14 children who NEED us to be their voice.

So that next year - they can be standing on a stage at Christmas singing songs and reciting poetry about JESUS while their Mamas and Papas laugh and cry below.

These babes need to be sitting under a tree next year.... not hanging on it.

  Yegor                                   Arina                                          Paul 
                                  $520.00                              $610.00                                     $512.00
                      Yegor's Christmas Warrior                                                                  

   Nikita                                        Dimtry                                      Mark 
      $520.00                                       $754.00                                      $805.00

 Danila                                         Spencer                                     Meredith   
  $750.00                                        $901.00                                      $905.00  
     Danila's Warrior                          Spencer's Warrior- ME!!             Meredith's Warrior

 Robyn                                   Jin Wu                                     Sergei      
                                $2514.00                              $1,426.00                                 $2019.00
 Robyn's Warrior                       Jin Wu's Warrior                    Sergei's Warrior   

Artem's Warrior

In our Passed Over Babes Giveaway we have over $600.00 worth of prizes included....

Over at A PERFECT LILY - my sweet friend Patti has a Pure Love Giveaway going on that is worth $1,000.00 in prizes....

When you give FIVE DOLLARS to TWO OR MORE kids above and  LEAVE ME A COMMENT HERE - I will enter your name in our Giveaway - ONE ENTRY FOR EVERY CHILD!! THEN...  CLICK HERE to let Patti know that you donated and she will enter your name into her Giveaway too!!



IF you BLOG about these kids..... you get another chance to win in our Giveaway.


IF you FACEBOOK or TWITTER about these kids... you get another chance to win in our Giveaway.

Give FIRST, then share and share.....

Put their faces out there.  Let people know these are the PASSED OVER  BABES who have sat far too long on the Angel Tree.  THEY NEED FAMILIES. 


 1.  A KINDLE TOUCH - (99.00 value)

2.  FLIP ULTRA HD VIDEO CAMERA 8 GB 3RD GENERATION - Newest Model (150.00 value)
Product Details

hand stamped jewelry
Each and every piece is handcrafted from start to finish in the studio. They use sterling silver and freshwater pearls in their creations!!

by Rob and Julia Nalle
5.  A set of 4 hand-carved wooden Christmas ornaments (50.00 value) 

 6.  A 50 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card 
7.  A 50 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card
8.  A 25 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card
9.  A 10 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card
10.  A 10 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card.

These YOUR CHOICE cards are to ANY store, restaurant, mall etc. that you desire. You tell us what you want and we will deliver!!  Amazon, Walmart, Cracker Barrel, Starbucks, Kohls, etc. etc.

Will you help the PASSED OVER BABES??

They have been on the Angel Tree since 2009. 


If you have trouble leaving comments in Internet Explorer - then switch to another server (Google Chrome works great) or FB me... JULIA NALLE

And because I just can't leave him off in case someone somewhere is looking for a sweet little 11 year old boy....
My sweet Jack....


  1. Oh I am gonna need video of Aaron performing! haha. Love that boy. he's come a long way from the "marching marching" song last December!!

  2. I just had to smile as I watched him on that stage last night....he just looked so proud to be up there!!!! It was truly a highlight of the evening for me, watching that joyful little boy join his classmates in praising the Lord!!!!


  3. Tears here, too - can't imagine how proud you are !!
    I just donated $20 each to Paul and Yegor :)

  4. I blogged about the kids with large grants still waiting for a family yesterday. I'm sorry I didn't see your promo sooner! I will however give to two or more on your list today :) I love the pictures of YOUR SON singing and dancing on stage!
    Here's to many more children home with their families next Christmas!

  5. Love the pics of the performance. How proud you all must have been :). I also donated $35 to Yegor B. and $10 to both Artem K and Sergei.

  6. Oh, thank you for your kind and loving words! My father's side of the family actually hails from Southwest VA (Lee County) so that's close to you guys! Please continue to pray for us as we start from very bottom scratch to get to, Lord willing, our son.

    Love and light -
    Heather Fenwick

  7. I am with Molly! I want the video. I had tears just reading about it and knowing your joy!

  8. Aaron is so handsome on stage. It is our two boys first Christmas and it is pure joy to see their excitement. Their siblings have been telling them all kinds of exciting things about Christmas so they know good things are coming.

    Better late than never, I donated to Spencer and Paul.

    Wishing you and your whole family a wonderful Christmas!

  9. Aww, I love these photos - such a sweetie! I love you and Patti too :) You both are inspiring me in ways I cannot fully explain yet.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!