Sunday, December 11, 2011

Joys and Sorrows


MEREDITH JUMPED THE WALL!!  She has over $1,000.00 in her Angel Tree Grant Account!!

GO Meredith!!!!  


$6,355.00 has now been raised for the Passed Over Babes!!  107 people have now donated to the PASSED OVER Babes!!

You guys ROCK!!


On Friday the Kehm family met both Peter and Ty - two little boys they crossed the ocean to adopt.  If you remember, my dear friend Patti has been raising money so that the Kehm's could add Ty onto their adoption process.  They fell in love with both boys but due to circumstances way beyond their control, they are not going to be allowed to adopt Ty.  The why of the story is not being disclosed at this point.  To say their hearts are broken would be putting it mildly.  PLEASE pray for them as they pursue Peter's adoption and as they process Ty's loss.


Out of the ashes of the Kehm family's sorrow comes joy.  They decided... and this makes me weep just typing it.... that the extra money raised for Ty's adoption would go to BRENT.  Spencer's buddy.  The little guy who I couldn't list on our Passed Over Babes Angel Tree Giveaway because he had aged off the Angel Tree.  The little guy who was transferred 9 months before Spencer to the mental institute.  

In light of the Kehm's donating their money to Brent, Patti over at A Perfect Lily has decided to extend her Giveaway 2 more days in order to raise more funds for Brent.  I am following her lead on this one.  I am also going to extend this Giveaway until December 14th to allow for more donations for Brent and the rest of the Passed Over Babes.  Brent is not on the Angel Tree but he truly is a little Angel.  Both Spencer and Brent are in the same institute...  Both boys desperately need families to go get them!!

You can donate to Brent's account HERE.  Any donations for Brent counts for both THIS Giveaway and for Patti's!!


A few weeks ago I linked this blog to the Annessa family.  They are trying to adopt a little girl from Taiwan.  They were doing a Giveaway and needed 3,000.00.  In a huge act of faith - they decided that whether they raised the money or not - they were NOT going to do any more fundraising for the adoption.  They were going to let that Giveaway be the end.

Skeptics abounded.  They were ridiculed.  Called foolish.

But God Provided.

They raised over $3,000.00!!

I love stories like that!!


Please continue to pray for Ethan.

His saga continues and his family is desperate for prayers during this time. 


The LORD opened the doors last week and the Jacobsons were able to get an appointment for Lucy!!  They have now met her and LOVE her.  Thus, they are now able to pursue the adoption of ALL THREE CHILDREN!  Praise God.  God answers whispered prayers.  You can follow their story HERE.  Please keep praying as the children are in two different orphanages.  Nothing over there is a given.


What a joy and privilege to be able to remind you again about our Passed Over Babes....

They are all Precious Treasures.... Fearfully and Wonderfully made!!

Yegor is ONLY $20.00 from jumping the $600.00 wall.
Paul is ONLY $63.00 from jumping the $600.00 wall.
Nikita is ONLY $70.00 from jumping the $600.00 wall.

Arina is only $45.00 from jumping the $700.00 wall.

Danila is only $30.00 from jumping the $800.00 wall.
Dimitry is only $46.00 from jumping the $800.00 wall.

Mark is only $85.00 from jumping the $900.00 wall.

Spencer is ONLY $54.00 from jumping the $1,000.00 wall.

Will you help SOMEONE jump a wall today??

  Yegor                                   Arina                                          Paul 
                                  $580.00                              $655.00                                     $557.00
                      Yegor's Christmas Warrior                                                                  

   Nikita                                        Dimtry                                      Mark 
      $530.00                                       $764.00                                      $815.00

 Danila                                         Spencer                                     
  $770.00                                        $946.00                                       
     Danila's Warrior                          Spencer's Warrior- ME!! 



 Robyn                                   Jin Wu                                     Sergei      
                                $2524.00                              $1,466.00                                 $2039.00
 Robyn's Warrior                       Jin Wu's Warrior                    Sergei's Warrior   

                                                     Meredith                                 Artem 
$1020.00                               $5,505.00  
Meredith's Warrior         Artem's Warrior

In our Passed Over Babes Giveaway we have over $600.00 worth of prizes included....

Over at A PERFECT LILY - my sweet friend Patti has a Pure Love Giveaway going on that is worth $1,000.00 in prizes....

When you give FIVE DOLLARS to TWO OR MORE kids above and  LEAVE ME A COMMENT HERE - I will enter your name in our Giveaway - ONE ENTRY FOR EVERY CHILD!! THEN...  CLICK HERE to let Patti know that you donated and she will enter your name into her Giveaway too!!



IF you BLOG about these kids..... you get another chance to win in our Giveaway.


IF you FACEBOOK or TWITTER about these kids... you get another chance to win in our Giveaway.

Give FIRST, then share and share.....

Put their faces out there.  Let people know these are the PASSED OVER  BABES who have sat far too long on the Angel Tree.  THEY NEED FAMILIES. 


 1.  A KINDLE TOUCH - (99.00 value)

2.  FLIP ULTRA HD VIDEO CAMERA 8 GB 3RD GENERATION - Newest Model (150.00 value)
Product Details

hand stamped jewelry
Each and every piece is handcrafted from start to finish in the studio. They use sterling silver and freshwater pearls in their creations!!

by Rob and Julia Nalle
5.  A set of 4 hand-carved wooden Christmas ornaments (50.00 value) 

 6.  A 50 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card 
7.  A 50 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card
8.  A 25 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card
9.  A 10 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card
10.  A 10 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card.

These YOUR CHOICE cards are to ANY store, restaurant, mall etc. that you desire. You tell us what you want and we will deliver!!  Amazon, Walmart, Cracker Barrel, Starbucks, Kohls, etc. etc.

Will you help the PASSED OVER BABES??

They have been on the Angel Tree since 2009. 


If you have trouble leaving comments in Internet Explorer - then switch to another server (Google Chrome works great) or FB me... JULIA NALLE

And because I just can't leave him off in case someone somewhere is looking for a sweet little 11 year old boy....
My sweet Jack....


  1. thank you for this post today, Julia. I needed it in more ways than you know. love you.

  2. I shared on my blog today, my heart is breaking for Jack:( Please someone see him.

  3. Julia...left a donation for Spencer and Brent. It is SO hard to "pick" but I will pray for them ALL today. Love your heart. Blessings, Jennifer P.S. blogged and shared on fb also...can't miss those extra entries in the drawing but love the chance to help spread the word more anyway!!

  4. Dear Julia ~ Oh, my heart is heavy for every sweet face on this post! I would give every single cent to make ALL of their adoptions happen! I would! I cannot. My finances are tight. Today, I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart. Now I read your blog every single day, so I've seen this fundraiser going on. But, I felt like I couldn't donate. I am driving to Mayo Clinic 4-5 days a week for a new treatment protocol. It's 80 miles each way, so the gas goes quickly. But, today...I just Knew that today I needed to donate! These children are Coming Home! So I made 4 donation, to four different Angels! And, my Heart is singing! I feel so Blessed to be ABLE to donate even the amounts I did! Here are my kids I chose:

    1) $5 DONATION 4 BRENT
    2) $5 DONATION 2 ARINA
    4) $5 DONATION 4 PAUL

    I chose the Sweeties who are lowest on the list. I hope I get to be here to see each of them Come Home!

    I love both You and Patti and your Willingness to raise Awareness for these little lost Angels and your Obedience in following the Word of Our God! My Love to You & your family during this Holy time of year. ~ Jo

  5. Hi Julia ~ I posted about the Fundraiser on my FB profile:

  6. Thank you for your efforts!!

  7. Julia,
    At the beginning of your drawing, we donated some money and posted on facebook. I came back today to see how things had gone and seen you had extended the time to get entered! I posted it on my facebook again, sure hope it helps some!!
    Autumn Mount

  8. I gave $50 to Meredith the other day. I didn't see the give to two kids part :o( Don't know if I can still be in the giveaway or not?


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