Saturday, January 7, 2012

Special Post

I know... 

I'm cheeky...

I have a post to share.  

This isn't it.

On Monday we are off to Shriner's for a new round of serial casting for Aaron.  We will go up every single Monday for 2-3 months.  

Not looking forward to it AT ALL except that we are going to see a whole host of RR and AMC babes on Monday.  Just wait till you see THOSE pictures!!

Since I won't be here on Monday and I teach on Tuesday.... I am going to post a special Blog Post.  

A Lost Boys Post.

Complete with a few precious pictures of a few of the boys.

Precious pictures.

So come back on Monday and enjoy!

Aaron agrees.... His Mom IS Cheeky!!


  1. Julia, good luck with the casting! I follow Aaron's journey with AMC closely because it appears Ember has the same limitations as Aaron. I would LOVE to be there on Mon. to meet you all.

  2. Looking forward to that post.

  3. Looking forward to seeing those precious pictures, Julia! Praying your Mondays are blessed and go quickly!


  4. Cheeky for sure! But, we love you and will be back. Praying all goes smoothly on Monday and all the following Mondays for Aaron.

  5. DIDO.... The flying, the screaming, and more flying, but to see some sweet familiar faces on Monday will be so nice :)
    can't wait to see the Lost boys post.

  6. This is interesting and encouraging.


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