Friday, January 6, 2012

Fatherless Friday

There are a host of families who are so very close to traveling.

They are almost ready to board the plane and meet their little ones.

Some of them are fully funded.  Some are not.  Some have their bags packed and ready to go.  Others are running around frantically trying to get everything done on their check-off list.  Some are calm.  Others are hysterical.  None of them are truly breathing.   As I've said before, you stop breathing when you jump off that cliff and don't commence breathing until you step off the plane with your little one/s in your arms.  

They are all in need of our prayers, our support, our love.

It is a scary thing to cross that ocean.  To walk into a different culture, a different world and try to navigate your way around it.  It is humbling to be dependent upon others to navigate you through the adoption process over there.  

They need us.

These families and more.

They need us to stand beside them.  Pray for them.  Encourage them.

Each of them has a different story... Here are but a few...

ROBERT AND JEN - Robert and Jen committed to getting three precious little boys from across the ocean.  They got all of their paperwork in and were just waiting for their travel date.  Adoption is not for the faint-hearted though and they definitely discovered this when they learned that another family from a different country had stepped in and adopted their three little guys.  Their hearts were a bit torn in two to say the least.  They are still crossing the ocean though.  They KNOW God has called them to adopt.  They are packing their bags - stepping out in an even greater leap of faith.  Unfortunately - on top of everything else - just this last week - someone broke into their house.  To say they are feeling vulnerable and scared and in desperate need of the body of Christ to come alongside them would be putting it mildly.  Please pray for this family.  Send them a word of encouragement.  Let them know that you are going to journey with them as they go!!  They need us.

PATRICK - Oh My Sweet Patrick.  I don't know how many of you remember a blogpost I did last summer about a little boy who had just plain ripped my heart out!  I was ready to cross the ocean on a row boat to get him and Rob was ready to row the boat with him.  Thankfully the Lord brought a family quickly to soothe our aching hearts.  They are leaving soon.  I am asking for you to pray that little Joshua's (Patrick) heart will be prepared for a new Mama and Papa.  He lost his own Mama just a short time ago.  Please pray that he will be open to these new people in his life.  Pray that fears will be calmed and that he will be able to trust again.  Pray for Mike and Jennifer as they cross the ocean.  Pray that they will be covered with peace and that God will grant them wisdom as they bring this little orphaned boy into their family.

EASTON - And then there's Easton.  Last February I was yelling for him after learning that the family who wanted him would not be allowed to adopt him because of the rules in their country.  Their hearts were broken and that broke mine.  But God brought a family for him and in just a few days HIS FAMILY is crossing the ocean.   He has already been transferred which adds layers of stress and sorrow as they encounter what life has been like for their son over the last year.

GRACIE - This sweet little muffin has a Mama and Papa who are within a week of travel but have not raised all that they need.  They are down to the wire in regards to finances.  A number of people have stepped up to help.  A BABY CONTEST is going on to try to raise money for Gracie and 2 other families who are also in need.  Would you help this family?  Either enter into the Baby Contest or just make a donation.  I LOVE to see the little ones taken out.  I love that Gracie will not have to spend years and years waiting but instead she has a family who wants her NOW... They want to hold her and love her and put bows in her little hair.  That just makes me jump for joy.  Please help this family!!

ANDREY - This family is near and dear to our hearts!! When Rob and I were across the ocean they were too - getting two precious treasures.  We had the privilege of spending a pleasant evening walking around the capital city and sharing stories.  Though we were together but one evening, both our families feel quite knit together.  When the Lord made it clear that they needed to rescue another little one, they were not picky. They took the neediest child on the RR list at the time.  Andrey.  Please pray for them as they cross the ocean.  And if you feel led - help them out.  They have basically funded their adoption themselves as they are humble people and did not fundraise.  I would love to bless them before they go. 

SHANE AND OLEG - The Patterson's story is wild to say the least and they definitely could use our prayers over the coming weeks.  Last summer they hosted two precious elementary aged boys and absolutely fell in love with them.  They had been released for adoption and so the Pattersons decided that they were going to get them.  When they arrived in country, they discovered that an aunt had stepped forward and the boys were no longer available.  They were deeply grieved but Adoption is on their hearts and they knew that they hadn't traveled across the ocean to leave empty-handed.  After much prayer and discussion, they decided to pursue two precious little guys with Down Syndrome.  The boys had had a family coming to get them but backed out and so they were left hanging.  The Patterson's needed to change their paperwork and needed an new appointment date so they came home.  While  home, Lorraine's Mom died suddenly.  It has been a rough couple of weeks.  They are traveling this weekend and could really use prayers as they meet their little guys and work through the process to bring them home.  Pray that God would continue to comfort them as they work through the losses they have experience in the last weeks. (Both the boys and Lorraine's Mom)

Please lift up all of these families and the others that I didn't highlight.  You can find them HERE.

They need us.  Some need our financial support.  All of them need our prayers.  Make comments on their blogs if you can.  Let them know you are supporting them.  Cheer them on!! 
Adoption is not for the faint-heart.

It should not be done without the Body of Christ walking alongside!


  1. I love getting an army of good together...makes me think how angry the devil must be to see everyone rallying around!


  2. Thank you so much! We absolutely cannot wait to meet our Patrick/Joshua and appreciate prayers for him as well as for the three darlings who will stay home while we travel. I would fall into the "running around frantically" category. Headed outside now to take down Christmas lights so that we aren't starting at them when we come home at the end of February!

  3. Thank you, Julia!!! We appreciate the kind words and all of the prayer and support!

  4. I am praying for them all. May they all be right where they are meant to be. Hopefully this means no more babies snuck out from under... Everyone have a safe journey and I wish you all of the best in bringing your little ones home to forever families. God Bless.


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