Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fortunately - Unfortunately

Last Monday Aaron and I made our weekly trek to Shriners.

Fortunately, we made it up there in record time!!

Unfortunately, I tried the blindfold trick on Aaron to get him to sleep in the van, but he wasn't buying it and spent most of the way up to Philly peeking out of the blindfold, so he could watch the cars and trucks on the highway.  Sigh!!

Fortunately, we got to see a couple of sweet girls while we waited our turn.

Unfortunately, I got in trouble when I snapped these pictures.  Does anyone else ever get in as much trouble as I do with their camera???  I mean really... It always tends to be ME that gets the wagging finger and the tongue lashing for my favorite hobby!!  

Fortunately, both moms just rolled their eyes and laughed while I was being fussed at for snapping pictures of their sweet ones.  I am such a renegade!

Unfortunately, the Friday before our appointment Aaron tripped over the threshold in our garage.  It was a hard fall.  

Double unfortunately, it broke his cast in two.

Triple unfortunately - it meant that EVERYTHING we had been doing so far to get Aaron's hand up to his mouth was lost.  

Fortunately......Aaron's joyful spirit was not quenched by the bad news.

Unfortunately, up until this point Dr. Z hadn't been putting an extra layer of fiberglass on Aaron's cast so that it wouldn't be so heavy.  

Fortunately, he will be doing that from now on.  Hopefully the extra layer will protect the cast against any further breaks.

Fortunately, Aaron got to spend time in one of his favorite part of Shriners!

The train table in the therapy department.

Fortunately we were in and out pretty fast on Monday.  

Even so, doesn't this little guy look a bit ragged out?

He was.

Unfortunately, he fell asleep about 30 minutes before the van decided that it needed gas and our drivers decided it was time for lunch.  

The little man's nap didn't last very long.

Fortunately, we didn't get caught in any traffic and were home in time for supper!!

Double fortunately - God is Forever Good!!

P.S. We drag back up there on Monday again... the weekly saga continues....


  1. Bless all your hearts! I know this has to be so hard to make these trips and watch him have to go through all this. Praying for peace for all of you and for all the casting to work wonderfully for him.

  2. Maybe you could get some neoprene (like diving suit material, they sell it online, not expensive) and fashion a cover for his cast. Won't be as heavy as the extra layer of casting and would protect if he falls as it's rubbery. Could make it easily with some neoprene and velcro. They also have the McDavid Neoprene Arm Sleeve at Footlocker and at foot It's for adults but a) its stretchy and b) you could modify it. Not expensive either. Just a thought.

  3. ok by the sound of your post you probably already know about the kids book, "Fortunately" but if not, run to get it. I laughed all the way through this post with the similarities! You are a great writer.


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