Friday, February 10, 2012

Fatherless Friday

I'm re-posting my Fatherless Friday kids from last week.

It isn't a cheat.

These kids need to be seen over and over and over again.

They are desperate to be seen.

After posting about Igor last week his link went down.  Break my heart!!  He became a TRUE Lost Boy.  He wasn't where he was supposed to be.  This morning... He is again found.  They know where he is.  I weep to type those words.  Please pray.  Please pray for Igor.  Pray.  Please donate to his fund.  God is moving for Igor.  Please Pray!!

Laurel is desperate, people.  The months are literally ticking away for her.  Please put her picture out there over and over and over again.  Help her find a family!!  WILL YOU BE HER FAMILY!! Oh she is laying heavy on my heart.  Will you please donate to her fund???  If you can't adopt her will you help to pave the path for someone else??  Please let us not make money stand in the way for this child to find a family.

Everything I am hearing about Alexis makes me want to go get her myself.  (No we do not qualify)!!  How in the world can this sweet one still be over there???  She is smart and even-tempered and so desiring of a family.   

I was directed to a post today about sweet Victoria and a LINK with even more pictures of her.

I love her.

How can I not??  She and Igor are in the SAME PLACE.  Please.


Where is her Mama??  How much longer must she wait?

Tyler and Emmitt...Two amazing boys who both desperately need a family. Tyler is in the same place as Alexis.  If they are in the same place they can be adopted together!!


And a few add on babes who break my heart daily!!


He is also in the same place as Victoria and Igor.  He has been there almost a year now.


Hanson is in a laying down room in Aaron's old institute.    The picture below was when he was a the baby house.


Oh my sweet Spencer.  So many have asked and considered but so far no one has stepped forward.  So he sits and waits.

They ALL need families.  Won't you pray with me?  Will you give?  Will you consider adopting one or two of these precious treasures???


  1. My heart is aching for these children so much right now. Many prayers are being lifted up to the one who can find them a family. God please bring them a family soon.

  2. The churches in Martinsville, VA are praying for the children in orphanage 39. We are praying for the children by name, and we are hoping that God will hear our please and empty the orphanage out. Then we can begin praying for another orphanage :)

  3. Me and my children are prayer warriors for Emmitt and two other children, Jamison and Carrissa. How can you not fall in love with Emmitts beautiful face, I would love to bring him home, however I am a single parent and I live in the UK. We are praying hard for him and all the children on Reeces Rainbow. If you know anything more about Emmitt I would love to hear from you my addy is

  4. :) found this blog by chance, sometimes check it. I am the Guardian Angel for Tyler and Alexis :) I am praying for the two of them.

  5. new to you, new to your blog - love it! just finished reading "boy from baby home 10" and in the nick of time too as our family is thinking of embarking on our fifth adoption. we aren't sure where all these listed kiddos are from? I understand many EE countries don't allow listings, photos, etc or even the name of the country listed on the blog. but i'd be interested to know which country they are in to help us figure out if we're eligible and how to proceed w/ home study etc.
    also, not to pry, but does your son have this diagnosis similar to many of the children listed here w/ joint problems? it is all new to me and i'm researching the net to see what is says about it...just wondering from someone who might already have walked the walk...
    thanks for any insights,
    julie in cincinnati

  6. So happy Spencer finally found a family.....prayers answered!!!!!!!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!