Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All I Want

I turn 50 this week.


It didn't bother me to turn 40 or 30 or 20.  I took all of those birthdays in stride.

But 50 bothers me.

I'm feeling old.

Last year for my birthday I had people donate to a whole host of families who were adopting and then tell me so that I could celebrate....  It it interesting to look back and see what happened to all those kids and families.  Almost all of those precious treasures are home with their families.  PRAISE THE LORD!!  Sadly, one of them is still stuck across the ocean because laws changed and she wasn't on the new special needs list.  Dear Lord.

Honestly - this year - All I want for my birthday is for Laurel to have a family.

My heart caved in a bit on Monday when I received the news that Harmony is no longer available for adoption.  Her country took her off the registers because of her age.  Her only chance for adoption is for a domestic adoption.  Dear Lord. I know that in her country they take good care of their older kids.  She isn't destined for a mental institute like Aaron's.  And in that I have some peace.  But still.  We fought hard for her.  Into the Lord's hands we commit her.  He has loved her a lot longer than us and the prayers raised on her behalf have not fallen on deaf ears.  This side of heaven we may never where Harmony ends up  but I am at peace that the Lord has a plan for this precious treasure and I can't wait to hear the rest of her story.

But Laurel isn't in a country that values their special ones.  Where she is headed is a place of no return.  And  because of that - I just can't rest.


She faces a lifetime sentence inside a building where people sit and stare at the walls all day.  She is a cognitively normal girl who has a physical disability.  Dear Lord.  Please.

Her time is running out!!!

That is what I want for my 50th birthday.

Laurel to have a family.

On my knees before the throne.

I need to go get some tissues.


  1. I will join you in praying for Laurel to have a family.
    Happy Birthday dear friend!

  2. Ugh heartbroken for Harmony and praying for Laurel's family to step forward. 50 isn't old! You have lots more work to do lady! LOL

  3. Hi Julia! I couldn't find your email anywhere. Laurel's family has to already have a completed home study? I have a few other questions for you about her situation. Do you mind giving me your email address? Thanks so much for all you do.
    -Courtney Connelly

  4. Praying for Laurel! Your not that old either!

  5. Laurel has being in my prayers and on my mind. Praying you get your birthday wish!

  6. Dearest Julia,
    Happy Birthday, friend. You know that you are part of my family when I don't tell you happy birthday on your birthday. Comfort yourself with the fact that my mom has to text me on my dad's birthday to remind me it's the actual day.
    I am praying that you get your birthday wish! Laurel is precious and needs someone to light up at the thought of her. She deserves to be someone's baby!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!


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