Monday, April 16, 2012

Love Calls Families

Love calls families across the ocean.

Love for their babes who are lost and alone and in need.

Love causes them to do whatever it takes.

Sacrificing all to bring their little one home.

Love calls families across the ocean.

It causes them to do whatever it takes.

Even if it means getting their heads shaved.



You read that correctly.

This Papa, who has already crossed the ocean TWO TIMES to bring home two precious treasures, is willing to have his head shaved into a mohawk for HIS DAUGHTER who is laying in a crib across the ocean.


That's love.

Want to see? 

Want to see the love this Papa has for his third PRECIOUS TREASURE??

Want to see?

Help the Spitz's get their grant fund to 11,000 and Lyla's Papa is going to demonstrate a Father's love for his daughter.

CLICK HERE TO READ MORE... (and see what happened when the fund reached 10,000.00 - Go Sarah)


And seriously people - Can we just get their fund to the full 15,000.00 so that the Spitz's don't have to worry anymore about finances???

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