Thursday, July 5, 2012

They Came Back!!!

Yesterday this little guy appeared on the My Family Found Me Page!



But he was found BY.HIS.FAMILY.

His BIRTH family.  They came back to get him.  Nikita is HOME!  The Mama who conceived him decided that she wanted him home.  

Oh I rejoice and I also know that we need to pray hard.  So many of these babes are abandoned at birth because the doctors and the nurses tell the families to leave them.  The pressure for families to give up their 'broken' kids is enormous.  They are told that the child would be better off in an orphanage.  It is rare for anyone to ever take a special needs child home from the hospital.   Families are shunned for doing the unthinkable.  And if they do take them home, there are NO services, no safety network, no groups, nothing.  They are on their own in caring for their special ones.  On their own and shunned.  That is NOT a good mix.  

But Nikita's family decided that none of that mattered.  They wanted their little guy home.


Praising God and praying that God will protect and care for them as they care for their precious treasure.   Oh Please Dear Lord - don't let him end up back at the orphanage!!!!

All the money raised for Nikita was put in the account of a little guy in the same region with the same name... 


Nikita K's grant account went from $50.00 to almost $5,000.00 in a day!! Isn't he precious??

Can we go from joy to joy???  


Our littlest had an amazing Fourth of July...

He has cousins galore who are only a few years younger than him and he spent the day running and playing with them.  

And this year we found some MOTORIZED water guns that AARON COULD WORK!

He was beyond excited to be part of the running and chasing!!

This was one tired puppy at the end of the day!!


I'm rejoicing that some of you guys were not ignoring the plight of the orphan yesterday.... The Menges family received $263.00 in their grant account yesterday and they are now only $1441.00 away from receiving their 2nd matching grant.

Let me explain something....

Most of the matching grants I deal with are offered by people who are willing to match - whatever is donated.  So if the matching grant offered is for 500 and we raise 450 - then they will match the 450.  That is the nicest way to do matching grants because then every single dollar counts double. 

The Menges grant is not going to work that way.  The family member who offered the grant made it clear that it is  an ALL OR NOTHING GRANT.  If they raise $2,500.00 - they GET a matching  grant of $2,500.00.  If they do not raise $2,500.00 - then they get no part of the $2,500.00. Zilch.  Nada.  Nothing.

See why I am holding Aaron's pictures hostage??

They still need $1,441.00.


  1. Beautiful post it made my week

  2. GREAT news about Nikita! Wow. Praise the Lord.

    (My kids love the pics from yesterday. They had sooooo much fun. Were WIPED OUT. Slept all the way home and into the morning. Thanks for a great day!)


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