Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Drowning in Tears

Over two years ago I saw two little boys on RR and fell in love. The very first time I saw their faces I was captured by their sweetness.  I'm a sucker for boys and these two take the cake!!   They were both in the same orphanage and could be adopted together.

I rejoiced the day that they both were moved to the My Family Found Me Page.  They were going to be adopted!! 

But it was not meant to be.  After six months of sitting on the My Family Found Me Page... After six months of growing older... less adoptable... they were dropped. 

Ever since then I have begged God to send a family or two to go get these sweet loves.  Every once in a while I have posted their pictures.  Prayed some more.

My one consolation was that they weren't in a place like Aaron's. 

At least so I thought.

Yesterday I was reading the blog of Renee who is currently in country.  They were meeting their little guy and where he is located is most definitely NOT in a very nice place.  You can read about their experience HERE.  It's not quite to Aaron's level but close.  Too close for comfort.  As they were meeting their little guy they recognized TWO LITTLE PRECIOUS RR BOYS... She was describing these boys and I was interested in knowing who they were.

 I didn't recognize the names so when I clicked the link to see who they were I about fell out of my chair.  They were my Sasha and Niko.  WHAT IN THE WORLD???  I confess.  I began to sob hysterically.  I wept for hours.  I wept for two little boys who are desperate and needy and PLEASE SOMEONE GO GET THEM!!  GET THEM OUT!!!  PLEASE!  I can't type this without the tears pouring down.  They HAD BEEN transferred from the same baby house Aaron was in to a decent older child's internat.  But that place closed and they were transferred AGAIN and this is where they ended up.  Renee's little guy is battered and bruised and desperate to get out too.  SO ARE THESE TWO BABES!!



FROM RENEE'S BLOG ABOUT EVERETT:  This morning, one of the little darlings from RR snuck up next to me and whispered "mama?" and wrapped his arms around my neck, climbing into my lap before I could even answer. He's lost a lot of weight since his RR picture. His face is very thin. His body is long and lean now, tanned dark. His eyes are serious, searching and eager to connect. Over and over, he slid up next to me, easing into my lap as quietly as he could, before someone would snatch him out or fuss at him in Russian (the workers and older kids not us of course). If ever a little boy wanted a mother- it's this one. Actually, it's every one of the boys we met in this groupa, but this one especially.

Sweet and gentle, kind and easygoing. That's how I would describe him. When Moxie's stroller wheels got stuck (she was the entertainment for the boys, they all fought/competed/cooperated to push her around nonstop the entire time lol), he knelt down and fixed them. He didn't push to get a turn at the handles, but stayed close to us, looking into our faces, eager to smile and talk to us when we could. His touch was gentle, his responses quick. He is delayed but he is absolutely darling. His name on RR is "Everett". Chances are, I'll get to spend the rest of the month getting to know him- but I'm giving ya'll the heads up- this kid needs out of this institution ASAP!!!!! He would be great in a family- easygoing, cooperative, and soooooo very desiring of being loved. If any of you mamas are looking for a cuddle bug, Everett is the kid for you!!!! He's so thin- he needs some good food to plump him up- it breaks my heart to see his ribs.

Then she met this one...

FROM RENEE'S BLOG ABOUT OLSON:  Then up comes a little chatterbox, who has the most adorable slight lisp I've ever heard :)  He's Olson on RR.  He's got some meat on his bones- a little bit of a pudge at his belly, looks healthy and good.  He had some issues medically as a kid, but apparently, that's resolved now.  You can see the scarring on his torso from his surgeries.  He runs, plays, hoolahoops and does everything a 6 or 7 year old should be doing :)  He was very curious about what we were doing, talked to us quite a bit, and seems like he is very confident and friendly.  I hope I get to get some new pictures of both he and Everett- they've changed quite a bit since the pictures posted.  Everett is thinner and more tan.  Olson is starting to look like Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard- he's absolutely adorable.  Got the cutest eyes and sweetest personality I've seen, quite entertaining :)   He was a favorite at the babyhouse and so we can get all kinds of info about his growing up, because the babyhouse he was in is very pro-adoption.   


Two little boys... Trapped in a world that doesn't care about little boys.  Where they are is NOT a good place.  Understand this.  They are not being schooled. They are in a survival of the fittest world. Sasha (Everett) is NOT FIT.  He's sick and needs a Mama to care for him.  Niko needs to run and play free without fear of the bigger boys who prey upon these little ones.

Please... please... someone SEE these boys.  They both have 3,000 + grants at Project Hopeful.  Join with me to pray that someone steps up to get these boys.  They both need out.  Renee and her husband are there.  You can follow their blog here.  Where thEse boys are currently living is NOT for the faint-hearted.  PLEASE... I am not prone to weep hysterically when I see pictures of RR babes but the desperation I feel for those two precious boys is beyond words.  I can say no more.  I am drowning in tears for these boys.  They need OUT.


  1. Dear God Julia. This makes my stomach turn. I will never get used to reading posts like this one.
    sharing your tears and sending up prayers.
    Sharing this too.

  2. Oh Julia!!! My heart is always breaking - and I feel the same way about boys!!! I so want their mothers to see them and find them!! Thank you for writing about them today!

  3. I'm devastated....I have no words right now. Completely devastated.

  4. oh julia, i blogged about these two little ones back in march 2011 and just fell in love with both. sasha especially. if U was an option for us, I would be going to get him. i know God has a plan and i try very hard to hold on to that, but seeing and hearing about where they are makes it so much harder. praying for a hedge of protection around these two boys and for the Lord to send their mama soon.

  5. Could you share how you paid for Aaron's adoption. My husband worries so much about the financial aspect and the risk of no child at the end of the journey........he is not sure our family could handle that.

    1. I will do a post on this when I can...

  6. Always praying for every orphan. If only more people would open their eyes and hearts to orphans.

  7. This is my 3rd time trying to post a comment. Not sure what my computer keeps doing. Guess I'll be short and sweet. Oddly, Sasha and Niko have been my 2 favorite RR children for years now. I have adored them both and would snap up either one in a heartbeat if I thought I could. This post is heartbreaking for me because I have watched their accounts grow, looked, briefly, in to their adoption requirements, and thought about them countless times. I would take on the role of momma for either if I thought it was possible. I have had them both bookmarked and check in every now and again. This is really a hard post for me to swallow. My daughter (3) is desperate for a sibling. In my dreams, I would cross the ocean to bring one of those boys home.

  8. Julia, can you also add to your post that they have pretty decent sized grants through project hopeful?

    1. I did put in there that both boys have 3000+ at Project Hopeful.


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