Friday, November 9, 2012

Fatherless Friday

Oh Dear Friends... 

Please, please pray...

God is moving.  Families are being called.  These babes are NOT being forgotten.  PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY AND PLEASE KEEP SHOUTING!!  PLEASE!!  

He sets the lonely in families....

                                          Heath                                                       Hanson 


                                         Yegor                                        Sergei                                      

                                                   Robyn                                      Mark 





  1. Amen, amen amen. Precious little ones.

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  3. I have just recently come across Reese's Rainbow and found precious little Heath. I am just heartbroken over him and the "lost boys" at his institution. I understand that his place and the director there are particularly unwilling to accept help from the outside. But, I just can't sit still knowing that could have been my little Downs brother in that place and not do anything about it. Is there anything, ANYTHING, tangible that can be done? Can I run a toy drive and ship the items to his institution? Can we create an awareness in the US media about the living conditions there and lack of healthy food, toys, and loving care? Do we have any idea if there are laws in place in the Ukraine that could force help to be accepted? I have been praying long and hard, through many tears, about what God could want me to do for them. Any input would be so appreciated. I can't NOT do something more.

    1. On my sidebar is a link to Harvest International. You are WELCOME to donate to Harvest and stipulate it for Alyona and Slavik because they are able to once in a while go in and minister to the boys. Apart from their ministry - there really isn't more we can do at this time except pray. They use the money to purchase items for the boys (food, diapers, toys etc). They also use it to pay for gas since it costs over 100.00 to visit them.


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