Saturday, November 10, 2012


See this sweet angel?

This is Yegor.  This is his picture from the last year's Angel Tree.

If you were around last year following this crazy blog then you remember Yegor because he was one of our Passed Over Babes.  The Passed Over Babes were the ones who had been on the Angel Tree the longest.

Not a contest worth winning!

This year - Yegor is again on the Angel Tree.  THAT MEANS HE HAS BEEN ON IT THE ABSOLUTE LONGEST.  All the other Passed Over Babes are either too old or have families.

It's just Yegor. This is his picture from this year's Angel Tree.

I've been given the mighty task of raising $1,000.00 for sweet Yegor.

More importantly I've been given the task of raising awareness for him.  


Here's what I know about him...  HE HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED.  He was in a baby house that was NOT a great place and most likely he was rarely ever taken out of his crib.  There is a good chance that Yegor has had few opportunities to learn how to walk.  He is in a MENTAL INSTITUTE that is NOT good.  That is what I know.  


BUT.... Yegor is in the EASIEST region in his country!!!  Did you read that?? He's in an easy region.  Now... there are NO GUARANTEES when it comes to adoption and just when I say that things should be easy the mountains always start looming but let's believe the best... His region is also the CHEAPEST so that is also good news... and even better... YEGOR ALREADY HAS $9,360.00 in his grant account!! So if he gets his Angel Tree amount raised then he will have over $10,000.00 in his grant account.  


Where is Yegor's family??  He has waited far too long.  A few weeks ago I held in my arms several little boys with Down Syndrome who were adopted from across the ocean and let me tell you.. the joy they bring to their families is beyond measure.  Boys are amazing!  I have three.   I should know!

Yegor is going to rock some family's world.

Will you let it be you??

And if you can't adopt him... will you be willing to donate to his grant account?  Drop some money in and help him get to the $1,000.00 wall??

I'm not going to shave my head if he gets there (some crazy Angel Tree Warriors are doing that but count me OUT) but I do promised to scream and shout and praise God.  

I'm not giving up on this boy until he gets a family. 

Please don't give up on him either.

He's been passed over for far too long!


  1. Hi Julia- it was nice meeting you at the dinner. Yegor is so handsome, almost as handsome as Aaron.

  2. My mommy is a prayer warrior for Yegor :)
    I hope he finds a family soon!
    Haylee Adamson

  3. I saw his updated picture the other day and didn't want to believe it was him. . . tears. . . His sweet face in the older picture totally captured my heart last year. His update picture totally breaks it. . . Where is his Momma!?


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