Monday, November 12, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request

Reagan has an appointment at 7am in the morning at the passport agency and someone is going to meet her and have her out by 8 am.  They will then go and get everything notarized etc. and should be able to fly out tomorrow afternoon.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRAY THAT NOTHING STANDS IN THEIR WAY!  It sounds like they are not going to be charged extra for this - PRAISE GOD!  It also sounds like there is a good chance she WILL make the original meeting!!

Want to be in on a secret??

Here it is...

Adoption is HARD.  

It is a gut-wrenching and grueling process.  The roller coaster ride is NOT for the weak kneed.  It requires courage and fortitude and a whole host of prayer warriors standing behind those who are adopting.

Well my dear Prayer Warriors... Strap on your knee pads because there is a family out there who is in desperate need for us to pray.

Here's the story in a nutshell...

A family meets a 15 year old girl last summer who stole their hearts and they decide to adopt her.  She turns 16 at the end of THIS MONTH so they have been on a crash course to get to her before her time runs out.  Their appointment in her country is WEDNESDAY... Two days from now.  The entire family left on Sunday - Mom, Dad (Tom and Reagan Mountain), 4 kids and grandparents - to cross the ocean to bring her home.  It was a joyous and wondrous group that boarded the first plane but tragedy struck when a bag was stolen from their belongings.  This bag didn't contain toothbrushes and snacks.  IT CONTAINED PASSPORTS! Two of the childrens and the Mom's passport.  YOU CAN'T CROSS THE OCEAN WITHOUT A PASSPORT!  You can't adopt without a passport.  You can't go to an appointment on Wednesday without a passport.  Today is Veterans Day.  All government offices are closed.  

Do you get the picture??  This is a nightmare that is happening right now for a dear family whose one goal is to bring a daughter into their family.  

We need to pray for them. There is hope and God is moving mountains.  They are being given a chance to reschedule their appointment IF they can get the new passport for the Mom along with 3 notarized and apostillized copies of it PLUS a notarized and apostillized copy of the police report.  This stuff needs to happen ASAP.

Please pray that TOMORROW  Reagan Mountain can get the paperwork needed so she can cross that ocean and they can get that girl out.  Please pray for them that peace will reign down on their hearts.

All my dear Prayer Warriors - PLEASE PRAY!!

Please Pray!


  1. I am praying Julia. God has brought them this far and will deliver them and their precious daughter.

  2. Praying for the Mountain family. Asking God to move mountains and provide the needed paperwork so they can get to their daughter in time. We'll be sure to give God all praise!

  3. Will do! It is hard not to let worry consume them but let them know they are covered in prayer!

  4. Hi Julia. I know this family well and this is such a huge mountain but I know our God can move it for them! Thanks for advocating for them on your blog!

  5. Yes. God can and does move Mountains! Praying here in Oregon!

  6. Satan just can not stand for God to show off to save a sweet 15 year old. God will let him see what real showing off is! Praying that God's perfect timing is allowed and that the original appointment can be kept so this wonderful family can be truly thankful for their new addition!

  7. Prayers lifted and faith in God's intervention to make it all work to His glory!

  8. I'm praying too! Barb


  10. Fox News ( Philadelphia)just did a story on the Mountain family!!!! It looks like they will be on a flight to the Ukraine tomorrow afternoon!!!! I'm in awe of the power of prayer! Praying for no more bumps in the road! (Sorry for all of the exclamation points, my heart is pounding!!)


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