Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Because You Asked

Since its raining here and I have a few minutes... and since some of you are badgering me for pictures...
Here's a few from Monday...
For all of you who have loved and prayed for and advocated for these kids...
Two of the Three White Babes... (I can't tell which is which but let me tell you - all three are precious!!!)

Peyton White
Fuad Breen (adopted a year ago)
Vlado Breen
Aaron White and one of his three little sisters!! :)
Gavin White
Missy and Fuad Breen

Jennifer and Milana Wojcik and Belle Spitz

Gavin Spitz
I love these little White babes!!!


Heart stealer!!
Dave and Lyla Spitz
Bobby Baird
Reece Roberts, Ben and Aaron
The Barnett boys
Trenton Barnett
And those are just some pics from Monday....
I lost track of how many babes and families are here... my heart is full.  Seeing all these babes and knowing where they were all headed....
There are just no words.
God is good.


  1. SO jealous!!!!! Enjoy and have fun :) Wish my boys were there, too. If you get to steal Lyla give her a hug and kiss from the Monier Boys!!!

  2. Okay do every single one of these kids have to be over the top cute and precious????? And the answer is YES!

  3. Julia, This means so much to me to see the children after they are home. I am so disappointed at the blogs that fall off after the homecoming and I am left to wonder what happened and how the children are doing. You keep their stories alive and remind us that our donations and support matter! THANK YOU for posting these pictures.


  4. I miss everyone already :( It was great to meet y'all!

  5. Looks like you had a great time. I see Aaron has his cast on in one picture but not the other. How is he doing and how is his knee?


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!