Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hanging Out on Tuesday Night

More pictures from Day Two...
I am going to TRY to get all the names right... There were so many babes and so many families that I started to get a bit crazy after a while!!
So what do you do when you go to a Yogi Bear Campground with a whole bunch of families?  You get a bubble blowing machine and you blow bubbles!!!
Quinton Miller
Amy and Dusty Hines and Vlado Breen
Lyla and Summer Spitz...
A year ago this babe was wasting away in a crib!!
Gavin and Lyla Spitz and Milana Wojcik in the blue shirt

Anthony Morales and Gavin Spitz looking on...
Dave and Belle Spitz
Michelle Zoromski and Teague Barnett
Max Stickley and Anthony Morales
Silas Barnett
Bobby Baird

Styling little Maclayne Barnett

Sweet boys!

It was a birthday party and a celebration.
We laughed.  We chased bubbles.  We rejoiced.  We gave God glory for all that He has done. 
It was a God-honoring evening....
We did it again the next night so.... to be continued...

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  1. Can you please send me a copy on facebook of the one with Max and Anthony on Anthony's bike? GREAT PICS! It was SO much FUN!!! :-)


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