Thursday, June 20, 2013

Missing My Family

I'm in Georgia and missing my men.
I'm at a magnificent hotel with every bell and whistle available but it just doesn't have what I want the most... my sweet husband and my boys!!
The COOL part of this trip is that I get to spend time with my aunt whom I haven't seen in years.  She's my mom's youngest sister and it is so precious to be with her and see my mom in her eyes.  Mom died in 2001 and I miss her.  Seeing my aunt and uncle stirs up memories and stories that bring joy and sorrow mixed together. 
And here is my travel trip of the day if you ever are in the Atlanta airport...
GET ON THE TRAIN TO GET TO BAGGAGE CLAIM.... Don't walk BESIDE the train!  Don't get so stuck on FOLLOWING THE SIGNS that you ignore the fact that you can hop on the train and get a nice leisurely ride there... DON'T WALK THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE AIRPORT dragging your luggage behind you, wondering where all the people were who disembarked with you.  GET ON THE TRAIN!! 
And that is my travel trip for the day....


  1. I'm laughing at the train thing because I think Atlanta Airport is rated the busiest (and probably most confusing) airport in the country--at least in the East. Enjoy your time with your Aunt and Uncle--that's a gift!

  2. We did that!! Finally we got wise and got on the bloomin' train! I was so grateful; fighting bronchitis and trying to walk/run to our next flight was absolutely awful.


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