Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pray for Teresa

Please please pray for sweet Teresa today.
I don't have words.
She is a little one who was adopted several years ago.
I have loved this precious child for several years now.
I have prayed that she would be healthy enough to get a new heart.
She was given a new heart yesterday but it is not working at this point.
Her family's blog is HERE.
This is what her Mama wrote earlier today...
Both ventricles are failing.  She is on life support . As the doctor and chaplain sat with us to explain everything, the chaplain said that this is Teresa's Good Friday . The doctor said in three days we will know if she will make it. The chaplain said that this reminded her of Easter Sunday . And she believes in three days God will give her a healthy functioning heart . I pray she is right . Right now the docs do not know why both ventricles have failed . They are talking of having to relist her . She had CPR for over thirty minutes and we pray she has no permanent damage.
She needs a miracle.
Please Jesus.  More time.  More time.


  1. Praying. What a precious little girl.

  2. Have you seen this video on youtube? The one boy looks like one of the boys from your mulligan stew.

    Ukraine's Forgotten Children (BBC4 documentary)


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