Sunday, July 14, 2013

Many More Indeed...

Oh how I love them!
We are meat and potato people.
I know in this gluten-free, salad-eating, organically grown, no sugar added world I should not admit that.
But it is the truth.
My boys eat their vegetables if they are served but they come to the table for the meat.  Plain and simple.
So as we were heading up the road yesterday for the airport we had to make a pit stop.
A McDonald's pit stop.
Ben wanted to CHIPMUNK OUT.  He wanted to store up for the two week winter.  He was bracing himself for two weeks of Borscht and wanted to pad his insides with man-food.
He ordered two Quarter Pounders with cheese and fries.  He was going to tear into his burgers with gusto.
When he opened the box to devour the first burger.... It was missing the bottom bun.
I laughed myself silly!
You should have seen his face when he lifted the burger up to eat it and there was no bun. 
My normally non-confrontational son pulled into a parking space and took that burger back into McDonalds so he could get his bun!!  I laughed all the way to the airport.
I miss him already.
He brings so much laughter into our house...

Thank you.
To everyone who commented in the last 24 hours and sent me e-mails and private messages.
Thank you.
Thank you for all your words of comfort and encouragement.  Thank you for sharing your sorrow and grief over Hanson.  Thank you for reminding me again that this is God's work.  Thank you.  I was humbled and encouraged and so very grateful for every kind word offered.   Blogs are funny things.  You speak words into a computer screen and apart from the comments section, blog trackers and the followers list - you have no idea if anyone is really paying any attention.   If I was standing up and speaking to a live audience I would know fairly quickly if I had lost the audience.  Either everyone would be snoring in their seats or the building would be empty.
Writing blogposts often feels like I am in the empty building.  I'm talking away but it seems no one is listening.  I know that is not true but it is often the feeling I get.  Without the feedback it is tempting to just quietly pack up the computer and leave the empty building.... taking my sorrow with me.
Yesterday, Hanson's baby picture really did me in.

Hanson's baby picture - discovered just this week!
Seeing his beautiful little perfect face and the brightness in his eyes.  Knowing that if we had had that picture 2 years ago - Hanson would be safe in a family today.  I can't look at it without having to wipe my eyes. 
Knowing that it shattered so many of you too.. Knowing how much he was loved... That is priceless.    We didn't find a family to rescue him.  We grieve over that reality.  We did love him.  So so many loved him.  And he is safe now.  I believe that with all my heart.  God's got him.  That knowledge brings peace to our hurting hearts.
So...We march on.  We keep yelling.  We keep praying.  We keep sharing and caring and giving.  There are families who need us.  There are babes who need us.  There are hearts that need to be changed.  Eyes that need to be opened. 

I'm so grateful that there are so many of you hanging in there with me.  I'm grateful that as we yell and pray and give and share... that more are joining our ranks.  God's moving. 

We march on.

There are many more where Hanson came from.... Many more indeed....



  1. It is not an empty building! Keep blogging and keep advocating for these kids. They need you and much can be done via the internet. It is sometimes really hard to stop long enough to leave a comment and sometimes the comment seems so inadequate ... but I am sure you do have an audience, albeit a silent one.

  2. They'll come back wanting you to cook Ukrainian food. My boys never get enough of it, though they want more meat included than they got in the orphanage, I expect.

  3. Loved reading about your sons pre-trip McD's stop. I had to laugh out loud and read it to my teens. Our 19 year old son is going to Ukraine in 2 weeks to visit/help the Bible Orphan Ministry and I'm sure he'll be stopping at Wendy's before and after!

  4. Just to let you know there is someone sitting over here in Australia who checks to see what you have written most mornings while I have breakfast. I'm sure I am not alone.......although I'm pretty sure your other readers are a bit closer to you.

  5. Your boys are precious~but how can they not be with a Mom like you? Hugs and prayers!!!

  6. Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy. -ps.126:5

    Your advocacy DOES matter.

  7. Oh you are so blessed by such a wonderful sons!! Truly truly blessed! (((HUGS)))


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