Monday, July 15, 2013

My Three Sons

Okay... If you weren't convinced that Aaron is spoiled or not...
Let me just prove it to you once and for all!
See these AMAZING Pooh Bear Cookies...
They were made especially for him....
Can you tell he loves them??

Monday morning and we are minus two brothers.....
Aaron was so lost this morning that he cleaned the family room and DUSTED!
Did you read that???
Elijah left for the Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia this morning.  He left his breakfast in the car and lunch was tuna fish.  Tuna fish is not high on his favorites list.   Remember... meat and potatoes... meat and potatoes!!
This is Elijah at 4:30 this morning when I got out the camera....
This is Elijah when I told him to smile!!
Okay... taking pictures at 4:30 IS a bit cruel!
As far as Ben goes...
He's there and they ARE feeding him... although...
I'm just not sure what to think about how he's feeling about his dinner..
He seems to be the ONLY one with food still on his plate!
Does everyone around this table look a bit ragged out to you?  After 10 hours on planes and 12 hours on a train and a day of working... I think they may have a good reason to be a bit exhausted.

Somehow I think he's not going to like that I've convinced his teammates to take pictures of him to send to me....
I think I'm going to be in BIG trouble!


  1. Send Aaron our way, Aidan and the girls will entertain him while his brothers are gone. Praying for all your boys and you during this time.

  2. Oh man, I haven't dusted since I was in labor 18 months ago! I understand the extremes that you have been driven to, Aaron! At least you have Pooh cookies ;-)

  3. Loved the photos and the comments!! Aaron deserves it all! Please spoil him for us! What a sweet boy. Must be really strange to be an only child all of a sudden. And Elijah, wow! I wish I could smile like that at 4:30 in the morning... what a cruel, cruel mom! ;) And you should get best mom medals for managing to get photos of tired Ben all across the globe - good for you! :D

  4. Two of my brothers are at that jamboree with their sons:)

  5. No photo of the DUSTING?! Come ON!! You'll need that to show his future wife....

  6. I love hearing about your boys! And now you have to share all your tips on getting littles to clean! I am super impressed or is Aaron just that perfect???

  7. A boy who dusts~a true treasure!

  8. Love that you convinced Ben's teammates to be your eyes while he's away!

  9. Yeah Jamboree!! My son has had the time of his life there in years past. I hope you and Aaron enjoy this "quiet" time in your home! Praying for you all!


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