Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mama Will Be Here Soon...

Last year around this time a family crossed the ocean to adopt three precious babes.   You helped raise part of the ransom to get their babes out.  In the spring I had the privilege of holding those babes in my arms.  Pure bliss!! Pure bliss.

The place where they adopted their oldest little guy was a living hell.  Abuse.  Neglect.  He was a battered and beaten little boy when he came out. 

While they were there they met/found two little Reece's Rainbow boys who had been listed FOREVER.  The boys had dropped off everyone's radar so it was a total act of God that they were found again.

Once we saw the boys and learned of the harsh condition they were in - we began to yell our hearts out.  If you want to read the story go HERE and HERE.


It was another act of God that the very family who stepped up to adopt them had actually met them two years earlier on the day of their transfer.  Michelle Enskat watched these two boys being carried kicking and screaming into the car to be driven away.   With tears in her eyes she promised them that their Mama would be coming soon.  She would be coming soon.  Little did she know at that time that SHE was their mama.

After the boys surfaced again and we started yelling our guts out, the Enskat family stepped up to adopt them plus another sweet little lovey from Aaron's old baby house.
  Because of many of you, the Enskats were fully funded LAST FALL.  It was amazing and we wept tears of joy. I was convinced the boys would be out quickly.  They were planned on traveling in December and bringing the  boys home in January.  I was packing my bags because after the 10 day wait was up... I was going to help Michelle bring the three kids home.  I.COULD.NOT.WAIT!!
But one delay after another happened.  December turned into January.  Then February.  Then March.  Once March came... the door closed on my being able to go.  April passed.  May.  Finally, finally things moved and in June they crossed the ocean.  And last Friday... last Friday they passed court.

Orphans no longer.


They are free.
They are sons.
They are brothers.

They have a family and a future.
No longer orphans!  THANK YOU JESUS...
But the story does not stop here.  
Some will wonder why the delay.  Why did God allow them to have to wait so long.  Why couldn't the road have been easy and the way out quick.  Why did God provide for the Enskats all the way back in the fall and yet they did not get the boys out until now. I asked this many times.  How Long Oh Lord must those boys wait??? How long??
Let me share with you two of the reasons why God allowed the door to be shut for a season.... These are just two... I have a feeling there are many more reasons behind them.
This is Caroline. 
My beautiful Sasha modeling the outfit Michelle bought for her birthday.  Before she opened it she whispered Happy Birthday to still my mama heart.
This is Patience.
30607215151 Patience
They were in the same place as the boys this summer.
Did you read that?
The Enskats met both of these girls.
The hell-hole where the boys were living this summer is also their hell-hole.  For a few precious weeks, the Enskats were able to show love and favor to these precious treasures.  Both are desperate to get out.  Both are hounded and treated as outcasts.  Both are living in a survival of the fittest society.  My heart bleeds for them.  For a few weeks they were shown love in a loveless society.  I wish I could share more but I can't.  Just know that these babes needed those weeks. 
Caroline had a family commit to her before the Enskats crossed the ocean. 

My dear dear friend Renee Tam is adopting Caroline.  I had NO IDEA that Caroline was in the same place as the boys until after the Enskats got there and met her.  All the children are together for the summer and then in the winter they go to their separate internats. 

When I grieved that it took Michelle so long to get the boys - Renee's response to me was that God held them back so that they could meet and encourage their girl.  I don't think a day goes by that Renee isn't shedding tears over her girl over there.   Caroline begged for a family.  She begged for one.  The Tams heard her cry and are breaking down every barrier in their path to get her out. 

And here is the tear jerker of the day.... Caroline has been helping to keep this boy alive.

This summer she has been his protector.  Though he spent many days battered and beated - she has been able to hold some of it at bay.  Despite being battered herself... she has the heart and compassion to love another battered and beaten soul.

And Patience...
Well... That is another beautiful and amazing story...

Patience's family is the Taylors.
Remember them???  They are adopting Samuel and Sara.

21121204900 (1) 21121205037
Our Mulligan Stew family.

Remember... Samuel is in the same institute where Aaron was!!
Two weeks ago, the Taylors needed over 20,000 to be fully funded for Samuel and Sara. 

 Though they were far from funded they saw the picture and story of Patience and their hearts broke.  Patience desperately needed a family.  This is what one family wrote about her who met her: "She is precious and sweet but terrified." 

Like both Samuel and Sara - she is a minority and treated with utter disdain.   They longed to add her in.  But how could they even consider adopting her?? She was in a different region and they were nowhere NEAR raising the funds to get Samuel and Sara out.   So they laid out an impossible fleece... If God would drop the money into their laps... then they would adopt Patience.

Impossible. Ridiculous.  Absurd.
God dropped $22,000.00 in their laps.
Last week their church took up an offering.
Their church.
Their church took up an offering and gave $22,000 and it funded them FULLY For Samuel and Sara.
That leaves them ONLY $5,000.00 to get Patience.

Why did God delay the Enskat's adoption process??? I don't fully know but I know two girls who have been blessed beyond words this summer because they were there.  I know two families who are on their knees grateful that their girls were shown love and compassion for a few moments.  I also know that God is opening doors for others to follow.  Other stories to be told.  Other reasons why.  He's like that. 

Two babes out today.

I am jumping up and down for joy.  But I also know this... The boys desperately need our prayers. They are both hurting little puppies.  I can't share beyond that but please please put them on your prayer lists.  Pray for them.  They have much healing that needs to happen.  In their bodies and in their minds.  God hand-picked an amazing family for them.  But it is going to take time and patience to restore what has been lost. 

Caroline and Patience are waiting for their families to cross the ocean.

They too desperately need our prayers.  This morning they watched a family leave. For a few weeks they were given a bit of a reprieve.  Now they wait.  They wait. In a world that is full of terrors around every corner they wait.  Their families are doing everything EVERYTHING to get them.

Last night Renee sent Michelle a message on Facebook.  From one Mama to another.  I stole her comment.  I'm sharing it here.  Here is what she wrote.

"Michelle Enskat, if tomorrow is the last time you will see my girl will you pull her tight to you and hug her for me? Will you tell her I think of her everyday? Will you tell her that we are doing something that is bringing us closer to her? Most of all, will you whisper in her ear, like you did to your boys so many years ago... Your mama is coming for you. It won't be long, she will be here..."

Caroline and Michelle Enskat

Won't you help?

The Tams still need $15,000.00
The Taylors need $5,000.00

Won't you help these two families raise the ransom to rescue two girls from a dark and dreary place!






  1. Thank you. As much as my heart hurts today, I know my sweet girl is hurting even more.... Love you, friend.

  2. Oh happy day for the boys! Praying for their strength and courage as they transition from all they knew(even though it was hell :( , it was all they knew)into the unknown but beautiful new freedom and life they will now have! Praying for each of the girls hearts and for extra courage to persevere through their living hell and fear until their families can come get them. Godspeed for the families!

  3. Our God is a master story writer! Who could have planned all this but Him? This is amazing!

  4. So glad to hear about the Enskat children. I've been following their journey. I've also been following that of the girls. With the language difference, do you think they truly understand that there are families in the process of coming for them? If they understood they have hope and hope can help you survive a lot of things. I LOVE the picture of Caroline and the little guy.

    Sue H.

  5. ♥ God is good..all the time. Thanks for sharing, will do the same

  6. Isn't it the best feeling when we read all about these sweet kids finding their families and know that, however tiny, we did something to help them? :D

  7. Oh, thank you, Julia for writing this! I had not idea the intricacies of how God is working! How amazing our God is!!

    We will be praying for the boys' healing and for the Enskat family. Those boys just break my heart!

    Praying that the Tam's are funded soon and that God will protect Caroline until they are able to travel.

  8. I love to see how God is in all the tiny details, even if we don't understand at the moment. Praying for all these families. Thank you for screaming for them!

  9. Oh my goodness, Michelle's words for her daughter broke me. I finally arrived home last month with my daughter after a major battle to obtain custody. Leaving her at that orphanage after every visit - there are just no words for the agony.
    Praying for your speedy return to your girl Michelle and that she stays strong in the knowledge that you are indeed coming for her.
    Much love to all of you beautiful people.

  10. This made me weep, with pain and joy. How do you thank a God, who's so gracious to us! How must HIS heart delight on those boys finding a home. Mine is bursting at the seems, and bursting with pain for their past, and all others that are still imprisoned.
    Thanks be to Go, forever, endlessly. Thank you, FAther for leading us to be a part of this battle. Let us fight the GREAT AWESOME fight for as long as we can breathe.

  11. I wanted to inquire about little Patrick ( - last I could find information on him was 2012. Have you heard anything from his family?

  12. Catalina, You can follow the blog of Patrick's family here:


  13. STOP, LOOK, LISTEN. now you should be convinced to help

  14. Wow, amazing isn't it? Praying and praying for the girls to get home quickly to begin their healing with family by their side! How wonderful that out of the dark months of waiting came some wonderful stories...thanks for sharing. I often wondered how the little boy from last summer's posts was doing. So darn happy he is out of there now!


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