Sunday, August 18, 2013

Michelin Man

One of the very hardest parts of being Aaron's Mama is the heartache I go through every single time he falls.
I don't post on here all of Aaron's falls.  I think mainly because they are hard enough to bear without having to share them with the world.
He falls.
A lot.
Right now he is falling even more because his left knee still barely bends which makes him walk like a lopsided Frankenstein.
I want to wrap him up like the Michelin Man.
Or cover his entire body with Bubble Wrap.
I would choose for him to just spend his days riding in the wheelchair instead of walking except that MOST of his falls happen when we are least expecting them to happen.
This morning at church he was playing with Rob's niece's husband... he was pretending to swing at him when down he went. He didn't get hurt and was SO PROUD of himself for falling and not getting hurt.  I saw it happen from across the room and ran over to help him.  He was so relieved that he didn't get hurt.  So very relieved.  The last time he fell he cut his chin open and only now is the scab disappearing. 
Aaron was so happy - telling me in his happy voice how he was able to hold his head up and not let it hit.   We walked joyfully to the steps.  He took one set of steps and I took the other.  I reached the bottom of my steps and looked up in time to see my son tumbling headfirst down the stairs.
Oh, Aaron!
I can't stop his falling from happening.
I can't keep him from the constant danger that his body places him in.
Watching him fall is one of the hardest parts of being his Mama.
It hurts my heart to hold him after he has fallen and see him crying out in pain and frustration.   
It tears me up inside to not being able to stop it from happening.
He's now resting on the couch watching videos.  His back sore from the latest tumble. 
I want to cover him with layers of protection to keep him from pain.
I know it isn't possible.  I know this is our norm. 
Some days I just don't like our norm very much.
I wonder how much a Michelin Man suit would cost???
Aaron' is missing him too.


  1. Poor Aaron! He never does have a break, does he? Your post reminded me of Erika ("Our Family Blog"), I was reading about her falls today! You have probably seen it before, but it is worth watching the video (and reading about her mom's worries) again:

  2. Big hugs for you mama, I can only imagine that is so hard to watch him. Bless Aaron's heart, he is one determined young many. If you find a Michelin man suit I bet we can get it paid for in donations pretty quickly ;)!

  3. I saw Aaron's chin healing in pictures a few posts ago and that made my heart hurt for both of you. I wish life wasn't so hard. I am thankful that Aaron has a Mom, Dad, and brothers to all comfort him when he does fall though.


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