Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Needs of the Lowly

 If there was a contest for who has the BEST blog readers I would enter all of you in it!!
On Friday I shared that Renee and Alan had a $1,000 matching grant and by that evening you had filled up their cup and beyond....
Yesterday I shared about a Papa who is sleeping in a cot in his daughter's orphanage so that he can raise the ransom to bring her home and again - you poured into that family... even though I had just begged only a few days before!! Since then a little over $1,000 has been given for the Daulton family.  That's 1/3 of what they needed. WOW!!
I get so nervous about begging all the time.
I know so many of you are stretched and have given and given and then given again. 
Yet you allow the needs of the lowly to stir in your hearts and for that I am beyond grateful.
Please don't stop.  The Daultons still need  around $2,000 more.  Papa and daughter should be home by Saturday so we only have a few more days to bless them with our gifts of love. 

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