Monday, October 28, 2013

What a Papa Will Do For Love

Our internet has been giving us fits for the last few days and our backup internet that we use for business is almost at its monthly limit so I have been laying low on doing anything not business related.
There is a family in country right now that is in desperate need of some support.

A year ago the Daultons, who have adopted and adopted and adopted again, crossed the ocean to bring home two more precious girls...


Unfortunately Heather's paperwork had issues and they were not able to bring her home. 
They brought Trista out and immediately began the process to go back and get Heather.
The price tag has been enormous.
Dave is IN COUNTRY right now and is in the last few days of bringing their precious treasure home.  They have maxed out their credit cards to do this.  Dave has been sleeping IN THE ORPHANAGE to save money.  I am fairly certain that he has been eating cardboard to pay the ransom for their daughter.
Please won't you consider coming alongside them.  They have literally sacrificed all to go back and get the one they had to leave behind.
Please won't you help this Papa get his sweet treasure home?
They are around $3,000.00 short!!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing this need...just donated!

  2. Those photos just tugged at my heart, so full of love! Just donated.


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