Friday, October 25, 2013

Fatherless Friday

Please don't pass this blogpost by.
Please don't just scroll down.
Please open this video and watch.  Even for just a few seconds. 

Did you see those three boys?
Did you see them?
Their Reece's Rainbow names are Barton, Amos and Dell.
They are all three orphans in need of families.
Oh my goodness look at him in that video.
Does he deserve to spend the rest of his life in an adult mental institute where he will literally ROT away?
Go look at him.
Look at the other two boys.  They are beyond precious.  They are treasures waiting to be found.  I watch them and want to laugh and clap and reach out and hug each of them.  Dell waving in the video at the audience.  Amos pretending to sing words that he can't speak.  Barton playing and dancing to the music.  Precious Precious Precious! 
So many are so afraid when they consider the ages of these boys but if you would just see them. 
These are not scary boys.
They are just boys.
Little boys at heart.
See them. 
Barton is a quiet boy. He loves to be outside, staring at the sky, following the birds with his eyes. He loves to feel the wind around his and when there’s a leaf on the ground and the wind blows it away, he goes running after it.
Last summer an adopting family visited his orphanage and Dell was so fond of the adopting couple. Especially the ‘daddy’. He really called him daddy and every day when they visited their son, Dell would come running after them, hugging them and just hanging around with them as long as he could, until they left or until the nurses told him to come back.  This boy would function so wonderfully in a family!
When a child falls down, Amos picks the child up, even without somebody telling him to do that. He is a real social butterfly. He cares about the children around him and I’m sure that he would be an awesome big brother, because that’s what he is for the children in his group.
These are just boys.
Just boys.

And while you are looking....




Sutter is a really smart boy. He likes to make puzzles and he can solve them really fast. His favorite game was copying a picture and rebuild it with little colored pins on a board with holes. If you try to fool him, he will say ‘no’ and start to laugh contagious. I’m sure that he would be able to participate in some kind of education.
                                                                                                    (Dell and Sutter)

I just can't stand it!
In a few months a family is going to cross the ocean to bring home three treasures.  I don't know who these treasures will be at this point. 
But I do know that they are going to be adopted by a wonderful family.
How do I know?
Because this family has already adopted four other children and I met those treasures and they blessed my socks off!
This week sweet E.G. (in the polka dot dress) had some MAJOR surgery done.  I have been following along with her surgery but I am not knowledgeable enough to explain exactly what was done.  It involved cutting in her back etc etc.  NO THANK YOU!  From what I am reading... it was a GOOD surgery but of course everyone is exhausted and fundraising for an adoption is the farthest thing from their minds right now...
But here's the deal....
They were offered a $1,000.00 matching grant which is a HUGE gift and will move them oh so much  closer to the thousands and thousands they need to raise to add three more treasures to their amazing family.
But the timing makes it a wee bit hard for them to find the time to yell. 
 When you are sitting by the bed of your sweet one - the last thing you want to think about is how to get a grant matched.
So I am yelling for them.
Please help them raise the ransom.  Anything in their bucket would be a HUGE blessing. 
Next year when I am in North Carolina.... I am hoping and praying that I will  be swarmed by not just four babes but SEVEN.  THAT picture is going to be fun to take!!!
Won't it feel sweet when you see the pictures of those children to know that you took part in bringing them home?
Take part.
Be a blessing.

And after you donate... CLICK HERE and enter to win a gift card or two...
And then go back and watch Barton and Amos and Dell again.  And look at Sutter.
And pray.  And consider.  And maybe.  Just maybe.  Adopt.



  1. Oh they are treasures waiting to be found! Thank you for shedding some light!

  2. Oh Julia, loved that video. What precious boys! Praying that a family finds them! And may our gracious Lord provide above and beyond for Alan & Renee! Bless you, Julia!

  3. Hi Julia, I have followed your blog since you adopted Aaron. You will never know how much your selfless and tireless work for these precious children means to me. I am so inspired by you! As a single adoptive mama of 4 internationally adopted children, three of whom have significant special needs, I do not have the time or energy to blog. But I love to keep up with the journeys of other families and children through your blog. I just made a donation to Renee and Alan's RR account that will put them over the top to qualify for the matching grant. Let's get those kids home! Thank you for making me aware of their need. God bless you! Susan

  4. Lovely, lovely. Such sweet boys. They just light up the room.

  5. Somebody please give Barton a chance! He has so much potential! You are right, Julia, they are just little boys at heart!

    Praying for Barton's family to step forward quickly!


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