Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Crunch Is On

That's this blog.
I miss it.
I would much rather be writing here than working on curriculum.
But the crunch is on.
Rob and I look like zombies right now.  We are writing and creating as fast as our fingers and brains will go.  When we try to sleep our brains will not shut down.  We have FOURTEEN products for our Year 3 and at this moment NONE of them are finished.  Some are almost. Some are close.  Some are halfway.  Some are not started yet.  Ugh!
Hover Effect
We have people lined up ready to buy these products that are not finished.  It is making us a bit insane in our little house in the woods.
Please bear with me.
I have not stopped caring about the orphan.
I have NOT stopped caring about the families.
I have NOT forgotten my promise to share about visiting our Lost Boys.
I'm just drowning in curriculum writing right now.
P.S. - If you are on Facebook and use BiblioPlan... Some of the BP moms started a cool BIBLIOPLAN USERS group.  Come join.  Get ideas.  Support.  Encouragement. 
P.S.S.... Last Friday I shared about the Dewberrys ... they needed $8,550.00 to be fully funded... Well as of this morning they need $3,813.00.... WOO HOO!!! $5,000 + in less than a week!! 
If you haven't given to them.... PLEASE DO - CLICK HERE ... 
Nicole is PRAISING GOD and packing her bags all at the same time... She's crazy like that!

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  1. Praying for you and your family, Julia. The Lord will see you through and you'll be blessed for your obedience!


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