Thursday, April 3, 2014

Urgent Need

I am posting this tonight for Renee and Alan who are across the ocean in a very hard situation...
I am not able to write a blogpost at this time (Aaron and I are leaving for Shriners early in the morning) and as I wrote this morning.. I am in a huge writing I am just cutting and pasting from a friend's (Jennifer Doloski) Facebook page .... 
 "Renee and Alan are at the end of the process of adopting five children...

Two of the five are medically fragile. As in, the situation was so scary that last weekend several friends raised the airfare to fly a nurse/friend/adoptive mom out to help the family get home. 

 Those two babies will go, literally, from the airport to the hospital. Their doctors are already on alert.
  The nurse MUST be home by Saturday - she has a job and a family to return to - and this should have all been very simple. 
 But Lufthansa staged a planned strike this week, and now airfares have SKYROCKETED. They paid $717 to fly the nurse friend out there last weekend, and now that same flight is selling for $2900 - for a ONE WAY SEAT. The first quote the family got this morning to fly home was for $23,000. Their travel agent - who is usually able to access humanitarian fares - is also hostage to the increased fares from the strike. (Fares are up because people couldn't fly all week and are now scrambling to get on flights - so, of course, the airline takes advantage of this by charging more.)
  Last we heard the family had a quote just over $13,000 to fly everyone home on Saturday, with their nurse, and with doctors waiting for their arrival. They need just over $5,000 to be able to book the tickets and come home. 
 (If tickets were still at last weekend's $700/person, they would have funds enough.) 
 I know this family. When we raised the money last weekend to send out the nurse, we did so privately, both for the protection of the family and because we - a group of their closest friends - were able. But the situation is desperate now and we have been given permission to beg for donations to get this family home and get those two boys the medical care they desperately need. Please pray for this family, and if you can make a tax deductible donation - please do. "
Will you help?


Their FSP needs to read $48,987.00

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  1. So So pleased to know you got together to provide help with a nurse. I was really concerned by the journey back. I travelled once with 5 kiddos between 2,5 and 6,5 years old, from France to the USA (portland maine) and it was a nightmare...


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