Sunday, May 4, 2014

Donations Still Being Accepted!

The world according to Aaron..
"Mama, this is how big boys lay on the couch."

Yes.  He totally cracks me up.
PLEASE!! Pray for his country.
Things are going from bad to worse.  My heart is breaking!!
 Please Please Pray!!
 THANK YOU THANK YOU to those who have donated prizes... we have some really cool stuff that has been donated!!   I'm still accepting prizes for our giveaway.... the more the merrier!!  We have a LOT of money to raise! 
ALSO.... THANK YOU THANK YOU to those who have already started giving!!  Wow!! What an encouragement it is to see the donations starting before the Giveaway has even begun!!
You can GIVE HERE if you don't want to wait for the Giveaway! 
 Pray.  Pray for Ukra*ne.  Pray for the camp which is located in the same region that has just broken out in fighting.  Pray for the ministry team as they move forward in the midst of a country in crisis.  Pray that this open door will remain open so that they can minister to the hearts of hundreds and hundreds of orphans this summer!!
Pray too for all the families in process right now over there.  Some are in the same regions where things are hot.  Pray God's protection and peace on each one of them as they work to get their babes out. 

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