Friday, May 2, 2014

Feeding 400 Orphans

It is a country in crisis.
They had a revolution that stirred the masses to protest against their corrupt leaders.
100 died who stood for their freedom.
They gained a new government.  They were ready to go in a new direction.
It looked hopeful.  A new day dawning for a country tired of living under oppression.
We stood by and cheered as they waved their flags of freedom.
But it was short-lived. 
It is now a country on the brink of disaster as their bigger and stronger neighbor stands posed to swallow them up.  They have already lost one region.  More may soon fall.
It is a country in crisis.
The economy has tanked.
The military presence of their neighbor now walks some of their streets.
So many questions.  So many worries.
Yet in the midst of the chaos and worry and confusion.  A ministry team continues to do what they have been doing for years and years.
Caring for the orphans.  Caring for the orphans.
Weekend after weekend while we take our children to their soccer games and baseball practices.  Weekend after weekend while we go on picnics and take trips to the park.  Weekend after weekend while we live our lives centered around our families and our friends. 
Each weekend while we do our thing... they are loading up their van with supplies, balls, games.
They are squeezing in as many workers as they can find.
They are traveling one, two three, four hours.
Any time the doors open... they are there.
From orphanage to internat to institute.
Loving.  Caring.  Holding.  Teaching.  Singing.  Playing.
Wherever the door is open.
They go.
And in the summertime. 
When we are planning our vacations.  Our getaways.  They are bringing those same orphans to camp.
A camp they have to build.  After they spend months and months finding a piece of property and gaining permits and going from this agency to that agency to get permission.  A camp that sometimes is devastated by storms.  A camp where the government refuses to grant them swimming rights even when they are situated on the Black Sea.  A camp where children come with nothing but the clothes on their back.  A camp where they get to pour into each child.  Sing with them.  Play with them.  Teach them about Jesus.  Teach them about love. 
This year they began the process of getting permits.  Hoping to give around 300 children the experience of camp.  Gearing up for the permit battles.  The property issues.  Worrying over buildings and supplies.  Volunteers.  Money.  Always money worries.
Their country is in crisis but it is not keeping them from their single-minded goal of caring for the orphans.
In the midst of their planning.  And in the midst of their country in crisis.  In the midst of it all.... God opened a door for them.
A shockingly wide door.
Would you.  Could you.  Take them all?
Would you take 600+ children from the nearby villages and small towns and let them come to your camp?  600 orphans?  We have run out of money.  We can barely afford to feed the children. Clothe them.  Would YOU take them? 
Take them to a camp where they will learn about Jesus.  Take them to a camp where each and every volunteer is there because they LOVE ORPHANS and CARE ABOUT THEM. Take them to a camp that is designed to meet the physical and spiritual and emotional needs of everyone who comes. 
Four camps.
600 children.
They will get do crafts and go swimming. They will play games - tons of games.  They will sing. They will listen to stories and learn about Jesus.  They will sit and roast marshmallows around a fire. They will be loved.  Hugs will be in abundant supply. 
600 children.
Four camps.
One camp for teenage boys. 
One camp for older teens.
One camp for children who come from regular internats and orphanages.
And get this....
Read this my friends...
One camp for children who are living in low level special needs orphanages!!!!
I don't know if there will be Reece's Rainbow children at those camps. Chances are a number of them who are in that area will be able to go.  I don't know which institutes and I doubt any of my Lost Boys will be there.
I do know that hundreds of special needs babes are going to be free of the walls that contain them.  They will get to run free in fields.  Roast marshmallows.  Sing songs.  Learn about the God who loves them best of all! 
600 children.
Each child costs $60.00.
So far 200 children have been sponsored.
400 are left.
Do the math.
400 children = $24,000.00
I'm doing a Mulligan Stew.
Back during the Depression - people would share what they had and put it in a common pot so that many would be fed. It was called a Mulligan Stew.


This Mulligan Stew is going to feed 400 children so that they can go to camp this summer.
Right now I'm gathering items to Giveaway during our Mulligan Stew.
If you have anything you want to donate - please e-mail me at
If you want to learn more about the camp CLICK HERE.
If you don't care about winning anything and want to just go ahead and help get 400 children to camp - Then just go ahead and CLICK HERE!!
We have a lot of money to raise. 
This ministry is the SAME TEAM who goes whenever the door is open to love on our Lost Boys.  They are the same team that I had the privilege of hanging with in December when I was there.  They are deeply in love with the Lord and are deeply concerned about the orphan crisis in their country.  Agreeing to accept twice as many children for their camp this year with the economy tanking and prices increasing by the day has been a huge leap of faith.  I stand up and applaud what they are doing.  They are truly being the Hands and Feet of Christ.
The Mulligan Stew is coming soon.
400 orphans.
Only God!


  1. every child needs the chance to go to camp. donated...praying. Thanks Julia for your heart.

  2. I got their newsletter last week. So glad you are doing a Mulligan stew for them! I will definitely be donating.

  3. Wonderful news. I will be more than happy to help.

    PS: do you know the Bible Orphan Ministry in the Ukraine?


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