Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Coming Soon...

It's Wednesday already!  How did that happen?  Last thing I remember I was selling BiblioPlan at the Convention.  Saturday night we left and headed for a hotel a few hours from Cincinnati.  We dropped our stuff off at the hotel and headed for the nearest restaurant.  I was starved. Exhausted.  The kind of exhausted where all I wanted to do was stuff my starving face with food and then crawl on the floor under the booth and go to sleep.  As we sat in the restaurant - the exhaustion increased.  As did a nasty sore throat that made it miserable to talk.  By the end of our meal I was handing over my keys to my helper.  I was done.  I have no memory of how we got back to the room.  I have no memory of crawling into bed.  I have a VIVID memory of waking up at 2:00 am with a raging fever.  Miserable doesn't cut how I felt.  Sick and exhausted and far from home.  Thankfully I had a wonderful helper who packed us up and got us home safe and sound.  By Sunday night I no longer had a fever which was a blessing because I teach on Mondays and I didn't have a substitute for my classes.  I love to teach.  I love my students.  They are my  guinea pigs for all of the curriculum we have written.  If it weren't for them we would not be writing 24/7!
I love my students because they are so much fun to teach that they take my mind off how weary I am.
I love my students because they don't mind if I look like I just got washed up on the shore. 
It's Wednesday and I am just now starting to come out of the exhaustion fog. 
I NEED to come out of the exhaustion fog.
I need to get my act together because there are HUNDREDS of orphans who are going to have a FANTASTIC summer and WE are going to help.
This is a story you don't want to miss.
This is a story that is COMING SOON.....
It is crazy and TOTALLY DIFFERENT than anything I have done before.
This is a story that requires a BIG STEW POT.
Yep.  I'm getting out my pots and pans.
At the worst possible time for me.
I was NOT planning on doing a Mulligan this year.  I have told all of you who have e-mailed and asked over and over again that I just do not have the time/energy to do a Mulligan this year.  NOT THIS YEAR. 
Which is how I know it is the BEST time.  Because it is never about me and all about God and His love for orphans.
And for this Stew... this time... Dear Friends...
So stay tuned.
And if you have something to offer.... BIG or little... please e-mail me a picture and description -
We have a lot of mouths to feed!

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  1. Ooh, I need to take some pictures, but I do have things to offer!


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