Friday, April 25, 2014

My Favorite Part

I'm here in Ohio at the Great Homeschool Convention
My favorite favorite favorite part of Homeschooling conventions is having Reece's Rainbow families visit me in my booth.
Loving on three RR babes absolutely made my night last night. 
These are the Allison babes...Lillie and Jocelyn just came home weeks ago and Eli (glasses) came home 2 years ago.  Their adoring brother and sisters are some of the sweetest kids around!  I love this family.  They came to the convention just to see me and that was such a sweet blessing. 
And the added blessing...
My internet was NOT working on the convention floor and I was in pieces.  The IT guy came over and tried to get it going but he was at a loss.  When you are in sales - internet is kind of important.  Jamie and Jared showed up with the kids while the IT guy was trying to fix my problem.  His solution was for me to buy internet from the convention center at the tune of 100+ dollars a day!  No thank you!  So in the midst of loving on the babes I was in a mental turmoil over what I was going to do about internet.  Well... when I mentioned it to Jamie she let me know that her dear husband just happened to do that kind of stuff for a living.... Can I tell you that he was my night in shining armor last night??  He worked on my devices and my internet came on.  It was slow and intermittent but I will take slow and intermittent any day over nothing.
So I was doubly blessed!
We have an 11 hour day today and a 9 hour day tomorrow. 
My poor feet....
But even so...
It's Fatherless Friday and this little guy is seriously fatherless..
This sweet little boy needs to be seen.

If you see him in this picture you think.... sweet... cute... time....

But he doesn't have time.

He's deteriorating.




Break our hearts Lord.  Break our hearts!

He needs a family.

He's breaking my heart!

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