Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

We will be finished.
Four long and grueling years of writing non-stop and around the clock.

I started writing for BiblioPlan 8 years ago.  I was teaching a Classical Medieval history class at our homeschooling co-op and was using the BiblioPlan guide as my resource material.  I had some material from the former teacher of the class but beyond that - I was on my own.  The guide was great but it was only a guide. I had used it with my own boys and loved it but again - it was just a guide. 
I had to make maps, question pages, timelines.  I had to find hands on activities.  I had to research and study the material in order to teach it.
Hundreds of hours to teach one Medieval history class.  The next year I taught Early Modern and Modern history in the same year.  The following year I taught Modern and Ancients.  My hundreds of hours became thousands and thousands of hours.
The owner of the guide happened to have her son in that first Medieval class.  She saw what I was doing.  We started partnering together.  At first I just created the material and received a commission.  Eventually it became a full partnership.  Now we own the company. Rob edited my material on the side - when he came home at night from building houses.  The more I wrote though the harder it was for him to edit and maintain a full time job.
So four years ago we made a big decision - We wanted to take the material I had been writing and create a full-fledged Classical Christian history/literature curriculum which included writing our own history books to go with it.  So Rob stopped building houses (we had our own building business at the time) to help me write full-time.
We thought it would take a year.
We thought it would be easy.
We were wrong on both counts.
We are finished.
What we set out to do four years ago is finally done.
BiblioPlan is now a full-fledged four year history and literature curriculum designed so that a child is able to cycle through it three different times.
Each of those four years has been designed in a way so that a 1st grader can do it as well as a 10th grader.  Leveled material for the different age groups.  Rich enough for high school credit but fun and engaging for the younger ones in the family. 
Fourteen products for each year.
56 products total.
Today we are putting the final touches on the final two products.
There have been times in the last four years when we wondered if there was even a light at the end of the tunnel.
There was.
We are there.
And we are very very glad!

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  1. Oh, how happy I am for you!!! I am planning on using Biblioplan next year, Lord willing. Righ now we just have to make due with what we have, as we are paying quite a bit for A's counseling (that's why we haven't been "around" the last year... RAD is devastating, to say the least). But I wanted to crawl out of my cave and congratulate you when I happed to see this. We send much love and think of you often. God bless you, sister!!!


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