Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Yes and No Post

Yes, we are back from Myrtle Beach.
Yes, Aaron got to go down to the beach.
Yes, it rained as soon as we got down there.
No, he did not get to use the brand new shovel and bucket we bought him to play in the sand.
Yes, he had a wonderful time anyway on our trip.
Yes, he thought Ripley's Aquarium was a great alternative to the beach.
Yes, I could have stayed at the Aquarium all day just sitting peacefully in front of the tanks and watching the fish swim by.
Yes, we had a great convention.
Yes, we talked to a lot of schools.
No, absolutely no one had any idea who we were but most of them were open and excited to hear about us.
Yes, I am glad to be home.
No, I don't have any more conventions this year!
Yes, I am very very glad about that!
No, we are still not finished writing but we are very close.
The End.
P.S. If you are looking to help a family in need...
July 31 2014c
Michelle Barrett is two weeks from travel and is short by over 9,000 dollars.  Because she is a single mom she has struggled to get any grants. 
We really need to support her!!
You want to know why???
Besides the fact that she has stepped out in FAITH and is ADOPTING a special needs little guy....Three years ago she adopted two siblings from the U.S. Foster System.  The little boy has ARTHROGRYPOSIS and the little girl has limb differences.
That makes her a SUPER MOM!!
Anyone who adopts a child with arthrogryposis has my love and support!!!
Please won't you sow into her adoption?  She has fundraised like crazy and has raised over $20,000 for this adoption.
Let's help her finish the job!
Here are two ways you can donate...
The grant account needs to read $11,775 to be fully funded.

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