Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine Ending

The AUCTION ends tonight!
Please go bid!!!
On this Valentine's day...  Please show some love to three Treasures...
Let's make this Valentine Ending BIG!!
We currently have raised $4649.00 in our auction!! 
P.S.  - If you are bidding but have not registered with me - your bids, sadly, will not count.  You MUST send me an e-mail with name, address and e-mail so that I know who you are and I can contact you after the bidding ends tonight at midnight.  PLEASE don't make me remove bids!!!  My e-mail is  It only takes a minute!  Also... If your user id is different from your name PLEASE let me know because there are some user ids that I do not recognize and I am unable to match with registered bidders.  Unfortunately, if I can't figure out who the user id belongs to I will have to remove those bids.  If you already let me know your user id then you are FINE!!
The Giveaway ends February 21st!!

1 comment:

  1. I donated $50 each to the Drake and Hartman families and $20 to the Nalle family.


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