Friday, February 13, 2015

Two Days Left!!

I'm in TEXAS!!!
It's a bit crazy at this convention - last night there were police cars everywhere.  We couldn't figure out why until we realized that Glenn Beck was here at the convention.  On Saturday night Ben Carson will be speaking so I'm anticipating that it will be even crazier.  I have to leave for the airport about the same time he will be speaking.  Oh My!!
Go bid if you haven't bid.  Go defend your bids if you have been outbid. 
I can't do more than write this blogpost for our auction.  I will be barely able to even see if anyone has bid on anything today or tomorrow.  So please go... bid... support... 
Three orphans need to come home!!
We are hoping to travel soon although we are still waiting for travel dates.
Addition to this post...

Oh PLEASE pray for the Jones family...

Xavier went to be with Jesus last night.  I just found out.  Please pray for them.  They were not ready...


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