Saturday, October 3, 2015

Car Wars

Little boys and their electronics...

It's what we do on rainy rainy rainy days.
We also drag all the winter clothes out of the closet and try them on to see what will fit.  Trying on clothes with two little boys is quite an adventure.  It's even more of an adventure when the power decides to go out!  We pressed on though and each boy has a nice pile of wearable clothes and I have a few more gray hairs....
Ben called this morning.  As soon as I heard the sound of his voice I immediately asked.... "WERE YOU IN A CAR ACCIDENT???"
Actually I was not that far off.... 
He didn't wreck the car but his car was a bit wrecked.
That's Ben's car in the blue.

And that silver car... well... it decided it wanted to go on a joy ride. So without a driver in it, it just slipped out of gear and took a joy ride going backward down the hill. It eventually hit a light pole which broke and fell smack on top of Ben's car.

 We are counting our blessings. No one was in EITHER car and no one was hurt.
I'm calling the whole episode "Car Wars" or maybe "Car Story".
I haven't decided yet.



  1. Reminds me of 3.5 years ago when my then oldest and her cousin told me a "branch" fell on the van (thankfully school cancelled 20 mins prior or I would have been loading the van) because that branch was half of a hundred foot tree.

  2. We spent the day pulling winter clothes out of our attic for all the kids, too. It is definitely quite a bit of work. Glad your son was not in his car when that crazy accident happened.


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