Monday, October 12, 2015

The Next Season

Windy much????

Ecclesiastes says there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.
This last weekend was our season of laughter and fun.
We spent four desperately needed days enjoying life and enjoying each other.  The older boys had their fall break and we gave the little boys a break from school. 
We needed this season of laughter.
Next week is a season we hadn't anticipated which makes this past weekend so precious. 
Back in September John had 3 MRI's done on his back so that we could gain some answers about his physical conditions.  Frankly, we didn't expect the MRI's to tell us much more than what we had already figured out.  Rob took John to the neurologist about 3 weeks ago with both of us thinking we would gain little apart from a formal diagnosis.  We did get a formal diagnosis that confirmed what we already knew. We were also blindsided a bit by another hidden issue that was not even on our radar.  The MRI revealed that John most likely has a tethered cord.  The neurologist recommended surgery.  Before we agreed to the surgery, we had the MRI's examined by John's doctor at Shriners who ordered them in the first place. He agreed that surgery was the best option.  So next week John will have surgery.  He will have to spend 3-4 days in the hospital - the first 24-48 hours after surgery laying completely still - and quite a few weeks after that being relatively quiet so that his back can heal.
Being calm and quiet isn't something this boy does best.
He wakes up in the morning ready to go and never stops the entire day.

It is going to be a real hardship for our little guy to go through a season of surgery that requires him to lay still and quiet for so long.
It's one reason we were glad we had four days of fun and laughter that hopefully will carry him through this next season in his life.

When we come out at the other end of his season of surgery, we are hopeful that releasing the cord will allow John to walk a bit better and will ease some other issues he has been having.
He's a busy little guy so I'm hoping that the next season for him will pass quickly.



  1. Dear Julia - I am so thankful for the MRIs. Our little Mercy also had a tethered spinal cord. Hers was "released" at 6 months old and we decided that it "released" her smile as well - so much pain was gone. John has probably learned to live with constant pain - I am so excited to see what this will mean for him in daily life. I will be praying him through the "laying still" part - so hard, but so important. You are, as always, in our prayers. Amy

  2. Praying for sweet John and your family!

  3. So thankful Johns condition was "discovered" and will be treated. I hope the surgery's immediate aftermath passes without too much difficulty - perhaps little plastic puzzles that John could manipulate while prone would help pass the time for him.

    Sending prayers and best wishes...

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  4. We are going for an MRI on Oct. 29 for a possible tethered cord. Our daughter, adopted from Lithuania, is also a very hyper child. But, the "issues" that you mention, well, I think I know what those might be and if the tethered cord has interfered with her daily functions, we will probably have to opt for surgery as well. If so, the doctors missed this for 4 years and we may have been giving her a lot of grief about an issue she had little control over. Wishing this had been dealt with immediately. So, I am glad that you had specialists and got an MRI, although I can understand that John's other neurological issues made that more immediately necessary. For us, everyone mentioned that her "dimple" was of concern for a possible tethered cord, but none told us that her functional issues might be affected by it. So frustrated! I will be following John's recovery with great interest, and prayers! Bless his heart. Sherry

  5. John and all of you will be in my prayers! If any family can make the best of this, it's you guys, and I say that with conviction and thanksgiving. God was so good to put all of you together! I love how you know this is a season, and how you hope for the fruit God will surely bring. Sending love, Kel

    1. I'm sorry to hear this (((HUGS))) Our Mercy has a tethered cord as well. No surgery until we can figure out how to handle post op with a VERY active little girl. :o(
      And we were blindsided by it too. We were initially told it was some type of hemoragic tumor.
      We are praying!

  6. Praying for John. Love this boy so much!!!


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