Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Update

We had no idea what to expect for this surgery but easy was not even close to being on our radar.  We are in a private group with others who have undergone this surgery and I can't find the word easy anywhere in that group.
So far... the anticipation has been the worst part by far.
Yesterday morning he was stressed and nervous and wanted only to be held.
He was hoping that if he didn't get on the stretcher, then he wouldn't have to have the surgery. Pooh, Roo and Dog were happy to hang out on the stretcher for him.
His ploy didn't work.  Back he went with tears pouring down his face.
When he woke up from surgery he was alert and completely pain-free. 

We fully expected the pain to hit after all the anesthesia wore off but surprisingly... he's remained relatively pain-free.

He was wired yesterday.  Calming him down was seriously the hardest part.  Finally last night he relaxed enough to sleep.  Of course we were woken up all through the night for this and that and other stuff.  This morning one of the surgeons showed up at 5:30 am to check his toes and back and that was it for sleeping.

 Since then he has been talking non-stop and longing to get out of bed.  Keeping him entertained today is going to be quite the challenge.  He's counting down the hours until he can start sitting up a bit. Honestly, he's being really good and we are very grateful that at this point he has escaped the pain we were expecting. 
For those wondering exactly what surgery he had done... His spinal cord was tethered to his spinal column instead of floating free. He has most likely been tethered since birth.  A tethered cord hinders movement and puts pressure on certain organs. If it is left tethered it can cause pain and increase his chances for scoliosis. It can also cause organ dysfunction. 
We are not naïve enough to think that he will be pain-free from here on out.  Once he begins moving he will irritate the muscles that were moved and manipulated in surgery. It will take a while for those muscles to relax and heal.  He will be here until at least Friday or Saturday and will be home-bound until the end of November. 
I was so blessed yesterday to see how many times people were sharing about the boys from Kim's institute and working to get them seen.  Thank you to each of you who loved them!  I was also blessed to see all three of their grant accounts jump.  Whoever gave didn't tell me who they were so I can't even thank them except on here!! 
I can't say I haven't worried about their matching grants.  I will be honest.  I LOVE the Angel Tree and committed this year to shouting for Charlie who was in John's groupa.  He is a total sweetheart and getting him seen and his grant account raised means a lot to us as we personally met him.  I've been hesitant to shout for Charlie at the same time as I've been trying to raise grant money for the 6 boys.  I was hoping to get those grants met before sharing Charlie
So PLEASE... help me get their grants met!!
If you think that your $10.00 is just a drop in the bucket compared to what we need you are right. It IS a drop in the bucket.  But every single drop matters.  It adds up. I have seen it happen over and over and over again.  I am not rich.  But time and again I have watched my small drops combine with other drops to fill up the bucket. Please put in a drop.
They are drops of love!
We still need 167 more people willing to give $10.00 to remove a box of love.  
When we have revealed all four pictures, I am going to give away four professionally done prints from four of the portraits.  Winners will get to choose which portrait they want printed. 
I just need 167 people willing to donate $10.00 to remove a box of love.
I am more than willing to take people willing to donate MORE than $10.00 to remove even more boxes. 
I'm not picky.
We have $1,679.00 left to raise.
Please give whatever you can and leave me a comment or send me an e-mail (covenantb@yahoo.com) to let me know you gave.  Those who have given already are already in the drawing for the prints.
AARON http://reecesrainbow.org/90768/aaron-2 - 1,000.00 matching grant. Grant account needs to read 1045.00 - Still needs 608.50
BEN http://reecesrainbow.org/90775/ben - 1,000.00 matching grant.  Grant account needs to read 4,363.36 - Still needs 478.00
ISAIAHU http://reecesrainbow.org/90772/isaiahu - 1,000.00 matching grant. Grant account needs to read 1018.00 - Still needs 592.50
STEPHAN - HE NEEDS A FAMILY! - He met his match!
ISOLDE http://reecesrainbow.org/52891/isolde - SHE AGED OUT 
MICAH http://reecesrainbow.org/91918/micah - AGING OUT IN NOVEMBER - He met his match!
 ALEX http://reecesrainbow.org/91928/alex - AGING OUT IN DECEMBER  - He met his match! 






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