Friday, March 4, 2016

Fatherless Friday

THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who poured into Michelle Barrett's grant account yesterday.
You gave and gave and within a few hours she met her 5,000 grant and on top of that met another 250 grant that someone gave her!!  She is so close to being fully funded. Yesterday, Michelle was given the precious experience of watching God move in hearts on her behalf. Adoption is scary and hard and often times rather lonely. Thank you for surrounding Michelle and letting her know that she isn't alone.
If you didn't get a chance to give you still can... Her grant account is HERE.
It's Fatherless Friday.
There are so many babes who are waiting for their families.
It makes my heart hurt sometimes to think of all the waiting babes out there.
This week a fellow blogger asked her readers to notice Elizabeth.
Oh my goodness she is a precious, precious love!!
Let's be real. Her diagnosis is sad. It's gut wrenching.  She's dying. She has a disease that is ominous. I don't even begin to understand all of it but just doing a quick google search makes me beyond sad.
Anyone who adopts her has to go in with their eyes wide open recognizing that according to her diagnosis her life on this earth is short.
Let's be even more real; if she stays where she is then it's even shorter.
They don't have the medicine or the medical expertize in that country to care for her. 
She's a little girl.
A little girl who should not have to spend her short sweet life alone and lonely. 
Oh Please - Is there anyone out there who is willing to pour into a child even knowing it may be for just a short period of time?
Is there anyone out there who can love deeply knowing they may have to let go? Is there anyone out there who is willing to write Elizabeth into their life's story? I guarantee you your story will be enriched beyond words!
Look at her. She's just a little girl.  A little girl waiting for a Mama and a Papa who will throw caution to the wind and race to get her. A Mama and Papa who will fight for her.  Care for her. Love her.
Please someone love Elizabeth!!
Jesus, they say You walked upon the water once
When you lived as all men do
Please teach me how to walk the way You did
Because I want to walk with You

Jesus, they say You taught a lame man how to dance
When he had never stood without a crutch
Well, here am I Lord, holding out my withered hands
And I'm just waiting to be touched

Jesus, write me into Your story
Whisper it to me
And let me know I'm Yours

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