Saturday, July 30, 2016

An Opportunity to Sacrifice

I so wish I could share with you some of the e-mails and messages I have gotten from people giving to our five Shadow Children.

I wish I could tell you about the family who is struggling to pay their bills yet found 5 dollars to give to the Blooms.  Or the family families in the midst of an adoption themselves who donated. Or the sweet woman who gave one day and then felt the Lord tapping on her heart and so she gave again.  Or the advocate who is discouraged and weary but gave anyway.

The sweet notes make my day.  The reality that out of the giving springs joy.  And with that joy gratefulness.  So many are grateful to the Blooms.  Grateful to know about Otto. Grateful for the opportunity to sacrifice.

They are grateful to sacrifice.

They are grateful they can give a little bit to ease the burden from someone else.

To each of you who have given - whether you gave in plenty or great need - thank you.  Thank you for giving with joy. Thank you for pouring into 5 children who have no idea you even exist.  Thank you for caring for the orphan. Thank you for hearing about this opportunity to sacrifice and doing it!!

We have 3 days left on our Shadow Children Giveaway.
Lots of prizes.
5 orphans.
It ends on Monday night.
If you haven't taken your opportunity to sacrifice - join in.  The joy is just waiting to spring up from deep inside of you.

The Blooms still need $16,095 to be fully funded!!

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