Friday, July 29, 2016

Never Least

She's the fourth child added to their adoption.
Last but not least.  Never least.
She's a clever little girl.  Gentle. Sweet.  She was friends with two of the boys they adopted 2 years ago, Theo and Orion, and they are thrilled that she is going to be their sister!
She's been waiting so very long for a family.  Passed over time again by families. Possibly because the first pictures of her she had a shaved head.
I know they have to keep head lice to a minimum but....why oh why do they do that to the girls???
Check out this before hair and after hair picture of Violet.
Would you choose the child on the left or the child on the right to adopt?? 
How sad that it is the same child!
What a difference a picture makes.
The Blooms are so excited that Violet is going to be part of their family.  Their daughters at home are really excited to add another sister to their mix. 

Four children. Two boys and two girls. 
Amos. Lee. Daisy. Violet.
Each with a story.
Each a treasure just waiting to be found.
Raised so far: $9,755
Bloom Family - $6,458
They need 17,207.00 more to be fully funded.
Otto - $3,297


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  1. Donated $10 to the Bloom family and $10 to Otto. We homeschool :) sharing now!

  2. Donated to Otto $25! Love this boy and thankful for the time he was at Camp LELA and for the interaction we had with him with our team with Naslede Heritage Foundation. Praying for redemption here on earth!

    Also, shared on facebook.

    Praying for you Julia as you are away.


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