Thursday, July 28, 2016

Every Single One

Aaron and John and I are on the road again today. We are heading for Georgia to attend the LAST homeschool convention of this season.

This giveaway is not pausing while I am gone.  It is going to move merrily along even though I won't be able to share and scream and yell as loudly as I would like.

But I know that the Holy Spirit is the mover of hearts - not me.  So I am trusting and believing that over the weekend God is going to move in hearts and people will give.

We are raising money for one little Lost Boy and one crazy, orphan-loving family.

I didn't share a goal for this giveaway.

I haven't thrown up numbers of what I wanted to raise.

For Otto... every single penny and every single share is more than he had just a few days ago. I want him to find a family so badly. 

Once this giveaway is over he will recede into the background.  Just one more orphan among so many many orphans.  This is his chance to be seen and so my deepest prayer is that he will be seen.  Mama and Papa.... where are you?? You have a little bird to feed!!

For the Bloom family the financial need is great!

Because Amos is in a totally different region than the other three children... the cost for their adoption is around 47,500.00.  Two of the children have 10,000 grants from Reece's Rainbow which is a HUGE gift!  So that brings the cost down to 27,500.00.

The Blooms are awaiting USCIS approval and then they can submit their dossier.  Things move fast in that country which means they could be traveling in 6-8 weeks. 

That is NOT a lot of time to raise that much money.

The Blooms have enough room at their table and they have what they need to care for these four treasures.  But they don't have ransom money sitting around and none of these children have the luxury of time on their hands.

Amos has aged out and ONLY because the Blooms filed for him are they able to get him. If they walk away... Amos loses all hope of being rescued from a lifetime sitting in a shed.

Lee has a diagnosis that screams for rescue now.

Daisy is being transferred and will no longer be available for adoption.

Violet is the only one who could wait but she has already waited for so long.

All I can ever do when we do stuff like this is just pray and let God.... 

So I'm going to pray.

I'm going to do a lot of praying because my internet will be limited and my time will be short to do more than post a blogpost or two and check numbers.

Pray with me. Pray Big Prayers!!

Pray that the Lord will move in hearts. Pray that the Blooms get close to that fully funded mark.  Pray that Otto finds a family.  Oh those are BIG PRAYERS.   I know we serve a BIG GOD though so I am praying for Big Things!

Every donation matters.

Every single one.

Raised so far: $9,468.00

Bloom Family - $6,250.00
They need 17,365.00 more to be fully funded

Otto - $3,218.00

Who does this benefit?

The Bloom family adopting FOUR orphans.

Their grant account needs to read $27,500 to be fully funded.

If you want to know one reason why I am committed to helping the Blooms raise the ransom go HERE.  Here's another reason HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

One wee Lost Boy.

If you want to know about Otto go HERE.

To see the full giveaway CLICK HERE..

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