Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Hardest Choice

He was Evan's other crib mate.  The  boy in the crib next to him.
They met him while they were there.  How could they not notice him?  His smile was captivating.  He loved whenever they paid attention to him.
Lee's legs are stiff and twisted which makes getting him out of the crib hard for the caretakers.  About the only time he is ever taken out is when he is taken to get a bath.  It is the absolute highlight of his life. The Blooms would watch him burst with joy whenever bath time came around.
Lee stole their hearts while they were there.  He just plain stole their hearts.
After they left he was transferred to another institute.  The care he is being given at this new institute is nowhere near what he was receiving at the other.
When the Lord moved in the Blooms' hearts to adopt again, Lee was high on their list.  They loved this boy. He was Evan's crib friend. The two boys lay side by side for years.  How could they not?
But when they inquired about him they were informed that one of his diagnoses is a fatal degenerative brain condition.  If that diagnosis is right - he could die. 
They had to decide.  Do they let him go. Pick another child.  Go for one with a better prognosis.

Or do they throw caution to the wind and get the boy who stole their hearts no matter what the words on the paper said.
They chose Lee.
They chose Evan's crib mate.
Despite the diagnosis.  Despite the fact that he may only live a short amount of time.
Throwing caution to the wind and wanting with all their hearts to take him in their arms and whisper love into his ears they chose Lee.  They are well aware that his time on this earth may be short. They are also well aware that many will shake their heads at their decision.  Many will say that it is money wasted.  Many will call them foolish. 
I call them brave.
I call them God-fearing.
I call them orphan loving cliff-jumpers.
Lee's diagnosis is scary but as they put it - Lee doesn't scare them. He's just a little boy stuck in a crib who deserves the love of parents as much as the next little boy stuck in a crib. 
So when given the choice - they choose love.
For them - it wasn't the hardest of choices.
The hardest of choices would have been to walk away.
They are running as fast as they can to get Lee and Amos and Daisy and Violet.

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