Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Daisy of a Girl

I can only guess what it was like when Daisy was tested by the groups of professionals when she was four.  I doubt they gave her the time of day. She couldn't walk and after 4 years in a baby house with a total lack of stimulation, she was completely incapable of answering even the easiest of questions. I figure that they had her file stamped "Level 4" before she even made it halfway into the door.
She was written off. Sent to an institute where she was placed in a laying down room.
All around her in crib after crib were her crib mates. Boys and girls stuck inside their cribs - rocking, moaning, banging. 
But she wasn't easily contained. Not Daisy. She couldn't walk but she could crawl. So whenever she had a chance she would climb out of her crib and climb into the cribs with the other children.  For some of them it was the only human interaction they had all day.  A visit from Daisy. 
But children can't climb out of their cribs and unless the specially paid workers were there to take her out and let her roam free in the therapy rooms, the only way to contain her to her crib was to tie her in. So Daisy spent many of her days tethered to the crib rails.
They tied her to contain her.
When the Bloom family was adopting Evan, her crib sat next to his.  She would watch Evan's Papa reaching between the bars and stroking Evan's hair and talking softly to him.  Whenever he looked at her she would smile and quietly pat her own head. 
Oh my heart!
After the Blooms left, Daisy was moved to a group home for girls where she has been learning and growing.  It was a good move but sadly isn't permanent.  Daisy is scheduled to be moved again into foster care. Though foster care is a great and wonderful change from a group home it comes with two sad strings attached. Once in foster care she will no longer be available for adoption.  At age 18 her time in foster care will end.  Since she would not be able to care for herself at 18, she would be transferred into an adult mental institute.
Precious, spirited Daisy sentenced to an adult mental institute in just a few years. Chances are they will have to tie her down to contain her.
The Blooms couldn't let it happen. The little spirited girl who shares a story with their son called to them across the ocean.
They are bringing her home.

One of the four they are bringing home.
They know Daisy is going to add so much to her family with her bubbly, sweet personality.  Can't you just see her with a head full of hair and girly clothes and sisters who are  going to spoil her rotten?

Can't you see her blossoming in a family?
 I can.
I can't wait.
She's a Daisy of girl!

Raised so far: $5174.00

Bloom Family - $3513.00
Otto - $1,661.00


Their grant account needs to read $27,500 to be fully funded.
If you want to know one reason why I am committed to helping the Blooms raise the ransom go HERE.  Here's another reason HERE and HERE. Stay tuned for more reasons in the coming days...
One wee Lost Boy.
If you want to know about Otto go HERE.
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