Friday, November 25, 2016

It's Too Quiet Here Tonight

28 people descended upon our little house in the woods yesterday.

My family.

My brothers and sister. Dad.

All the nieces and nephews and their wives.

28 people who didn't all make it into the same picture at the same time... but we had a place at a table for every single one.

It was a precious time.

My mom died in 2001 and this was the first time since then that the entire family... every single solitary member... was together.

We played.

We stuffed ourselves.

We took sides in the Dallas/Redskin football game and cheered wildly.

We were blessed with a gorgeous day and evening.  Trampoline fun. Bike riding. Flashlight tag.

The next morning 16 of us shared breakfast together. Rob and I had a blast making bacon and eggs and waffles and cinnamon rolls.

It went by too fast.  Goodbyes are hard. 

Dad was sad to see his children and grandchildren leave. 

Our little house in the woods is too quiet tonight.

I miss them.

My family.

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