Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Yep. He's tied.

I am so far behind this year!!

Sweet little Ronald is my MACC child this year, and I have only dedicated ONE bitty blogpost to him.

I AM SO SORRY LITTLE GUY!! You deserve so much more than just one little blogpost. 

Sweet babe deserves a family who will surround him with love.

He doesn't deserve being tied in his crib.


He's tied.

Look closely at the picture.

Now maybe they have him tied because he is going through a treatment on his legs and they don't want him moving.  Maybe that sounds like a good excuse. Maybe.


Not if I was sitting by his bedside.

Both my boys have surgery in January and I can guarantee you right now that neither of them will be tied down!

No way would I let anyone tie my babe to a crib and keep him there 24/7. He's tied because there isn't anyone who has the time, energy or love to lift that baby boy out of that crib and hold him in their arms. They have him tied because there is no one there to entertain him in his absolute boredom. His caretakers are too busy with all the other children in all the other cribs. Plus, they are responsible to keep the rooms clean - spotlessly clean - and wash clothes and bedding - and feed and change all those babes  - and wash them.  And often there are only two women to care for up to 12 babes.  So, I get why they have him tied. I get it.

I hate it.

I hate it because I know deep in my being that both my boys suffered in much the same way that Ronald is suffering. Hours upon hours stuck inside bars.  Their little feet prevented both of them from walking until surgery gave them hope.  Until then they sat on the sidelines. They sat inside their cribs. They watched through their bars.  Hour after lonely hour.

Oh, Please, someone see Ronald.

He's little.

He has so much potential.

And maybe you are saying no to him... okay. I get that.

There IS only ONE family out there for him.

But you can help me yell for him.

So yell.

How is anyone going to know about him if we don't tell them!!!

You can help me get money in his grant account.  Time and again I have had adoptive families tell me that the money in the account often played a HUGE PART when they were wrestling with the Holy Spirit tapping on their hearts.  Relieving the money-fear is a burden lifter.

So give. Advocate.


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  1. I think he's been placed in traction for congenital dislocation of the hips. It isn't seen very often these days because most babies will have it picked up early enough to be managed in the first year of life. It's an old fashioned technique but still effective. Fractured femurs are also treated this way. But I hope he has someone to distract him and keep him company during this time.


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