Friday, November 4, 2016

Words on Paper

I wish with all my heart that I had adopted them when they were itty bitty.

For a million, trillion reasons I wish they had been my babes back when they were teeny tiny babes.

They both came with a list of diagnoses that most definitely would have frightened me silly.

Words on paper tend to scare us.

I know now what I didn't know then.  Those diagnoses are not scary.  They do not have anything to do with the little boy inside the body.

They are just words on a paper that define a tiny part of who they really are.

They are much more than labels.

They are living, breathing little boys with strengths and weaknesses, gifts and abilities, joys and sorrows that enrich us and challenge us daily.

He's just a bitty little thing. 

A teeny tiny little angel.

His list of diagnoses can be scary.

With just two little pictures and that list it is really easy to let fear blind you.

But those words are just a tiny portion of who he is.

And someone out there is one day going to discover that those words hold no fear once they hold him in their arms.

He's my little Angel for the Reece's Rainbow tree this year. They changed the name and it is now the Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign. MACC.  I'm a creature of habit and change is hard so please forgive me if I say he is my angel on the angel tree!! 

Isn't he precious??  I get to yell for him for the next 2 months. 

If I could back up time with both my sons and had the opportunity to adopt them when they were this small, I would do EVERYTHING in my power to race as fast as I could to get them. Early intervention is such a gift!

If his diagnoses are correct then he really truly needs a Mama and Papa to fight for him.

But please know that he is much more than a bunch of words on a paper. He's a living breathing, precious little soul who would thrive in a family. 

Oh please, someone see Ronald.

Mama, Where are you???

Please don't be scared by the words on his paper.


Click HERE to help me raise $1,000 for Ronald's MACC grant account! The goal is $1,000.00 in his account.

The real goal... A family!

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